Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Music City Remix

Here are a few more things that didn't make it into yesterday's post.

Ann Smith's Florist and Casket Shop.

Flowers in one window. Big shiny casket in the other window.

The epitome of one-stop shopping.

Located next door to a liquor store which I suppose is handy if you're having an old-fashioned Irish wake.

We thought about taking a picture but the guys refused to turn around and go back. They just didn't understand the blog-worthiness of such a find.

I swiped a pic of Little Jimmy Dickens from my friend Amber.

There's Lil' Dick in all his glory.

We also saw a REAL, LIVE CELEBRITY...

That's right, folks. The Naked Cowboy!

(I can't wait to see what kind of creepy Google hits I get for that one.)

Who knew?!

Imagine my surprise when I was describing this guy to my friend at work and she said, " Oh, you mean the Naked Cowboy." She said it real casual, like it's every day we talk about guys in their undies strumming a guitar while strutting down the street. It seems she ran into the Naked Cowboy while in NYC once upon a time. Apparently he's a regular in Times Square.


Alrighty then, that's enough about Nashville.


Kendra said...

Yeah, I knew I've seen the Naked Cowboy somewhere else. Wow, he gets around!

Carpoolqueen said...

You saw the Naked Cowboy in Nashville???!!!?

I need to head over there.

Mich said...

There are some crazy people in this world, aren't there? I guess that is what makes life interesting.

buscher3 said...

OK, now - I could have done without seeing a picture of this "naked cowboy" in his whity tidies and boots. Ugh...

Wonder how many times he's been arrested for sporting "jr." around the way he does.