Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dixieland Delight

Do you remember my BFF, Daphne?

Meet her new big sister...Dixie!

(Lots of girly squealing and jumping up and down and clapping)

Now don't worry about poor Daphne. I still love her. I prefer to use her when I workout because she's so tiny and light.

Can you believe I just said that with a totally straight face?! Me? Workout?!

*snort!* and *guffaw!*

Seriously, I will still use Daphne...I don't care what the sales guy says that tried to sell me that big honkin' arm band for Dixie.

He did, however, manage to sell Wes an arm band for Daphne...we may have a fight on our hands. Wes says he's taking Daphne for runs with him. I've tried to explain that Daphne does not like to run. Nor does she like to sweat. And don't get her started on the humidity around here!

Now, I have to go help Dixie get settled in to her new home and make her feel welcome. She's very excited about her upcoming trip to D.C. and geocaching.


Mich said...

Exciting! Of course my sister could tell you that everything I personally own is from the stone age. I doubt I could work the thing. But I do think Dixie is pretty. :)

Maybe one of these days...

buscher3 said...

That's funny...I was just telling my husband that technology lost me at the MP3 player and iPod...about the time I stopped having money to invest in the rapidly changing know, about the time I started having kids. So I'm a bit behind....

Kendra said...

Wait, Wes is going running with a PINK ipod? Very manly.

Love the new gadgets! Quite jealous of the new gadgets. Maybe when my house sells I can get new gadgets!

Carpoolqueen said...

A hearty welcome to the newest member of your family. I ditched my nano the second that Moses came along,though it still comes in handy for entertaining the small fry around here. (B/c they're not allowed to touch, breathe, or even look at my iPhone).

Amber said...

Dear Dixie,

I'm was so excited when my mom told me that you had been born. We are going to be the best of friends. We'll have to chat lots, and I'm so excited about tweeting you all the time!

Have fun with your mom! She's a pretty swell gal. But tell your dad to keep his paws off of ya. You are pink after all.