Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Ramblings

Freedom Friday is still on hiatus because it's summer and I'm distracted. I'm just not feeling it today.

So, I got some good news this morning.

I DON'T have skin cancer.

The phone rings. I look at the caller id, see it is the Dermatology Clinic and waffle about whether or not to answer it. I can't imagine what they want but decide maybe there was an insurance billing issue from my recent visit so I'd better talk to them.

Woman: Hello, this is (I don't remember her name. Let's call her "Helen.") Helen at the Dermatology Clinic. Is Elizabeth there?

Me: (People always get my real name wrong. It's Elisa. But I also answer to Elsie, Eliza, Alicia, Elsa, etc.-so Elizabeth is not a real stretch.) This is

"Helen": Is your birthday xx/xx/xx?

Me: (patiently) Yes, that's correct.

"Helen": Well, Elisa, we've got your biopsy results back. It's not skin cancer...

(At this point, I'm sighing with relief...)

"Helen": ...but I noticed that you don't have a follow-up appointment scheduled for nine months and with suspected skin cancer...

Me: (at this point my brain catches up with the conversation) Wha...huh?! I didn't have a biopsy done. (pause) Did I?!

"Helen": On the spot on your left cheek?

Me: Uhhhh...I did have a spot on my cheek but it's eczema. I have some cream for it. A biopsy, really?

"Helen": Oh...maybe I have the wrong person. The chart says Elizabeth but the computer says Elisa.

Me: Um, yeah, I think you need to call Elizabeth.

I hang up and then I remember that this is the same clinic that the last time I was there the nurse asked if I had been taking my Prednisone. Huh? What Prednisone? I wasn't prescribed any Prednisone. And she looks at the chart and says well, it says on the chart here that you were supposed to be taking Prednisone.

I'm thinking that poor Elizabeth is being treated for my eczema and may or may not have been taking her Prednisone.

This does not inspire confidence in said Dermatology Clinic.

On a completely unrelated note, we're planning a trip to Washington D.C. at the end of the month. (Dear Would-Be Burglars: My house will still be occupied. And our ADT alarm system, also known as our German Shepherd, will be on full alert. Also too, we don't own anything valuable.) Have you been? What are the main must-see's? We'll be taking our 13-and 9-year old girls. Any advice?

On another tangent, I'm hating my photo-taking lately. I have a Canon Digital Rebel (the old one, not the XTi)with a 18m-55mm lense but I don't know if my camera is just losing it, if I need a new lense, or if it's just user error. (I'd bet on user error!) No matter what settings I use, my pics are either too dark, too light or grey-ish. Did I really just use the British spelling for gray?! The colors are washed out and the pictures just aren't very sharp. Any photog buffs out there? What might I be doing wrong? What kind of lense do you use most often? I really want my D.C. pics to be good.

On a related note, do you use Photoshop Elements or the full-blown Photoshop? I don't know how to use either but I'm thinking I could fix some of my photo trouble with a good editor.

Well, I just noticed that it's 3:00 pm and I'm still in my pj's. Gotta love summer.

I'd better go wash a few dishes before the hubster gets home. And maybe take a shower.



Tiffani said...

Um, Elisa, I think it's time to find a new Dermatologist Clinic, honey.

Love summer days in jammies all day!

I haven't been to DC since college but I LOVE it and your girls will too! I remember all the Smithsonians being just wonderful! The Zoo was too! I can't WAIT to take our kids next year (hopefully)!

Carpoolqueen said...

I love grey, I love pajamas (got out of mine at 1:00), and I love DC.

Where to start for your trip. Take a day just for the mall monuments. Another day for Smithsonian sights. The zoo is fun as well, and the Woodley Park Metro station has the longest flight of stairs that are worth the ride out there.

The spy museum is fun (I think it charges admission) and if it's blasted hot, the Art Museum is the coldest place in town. I used to go there on my lunch break.

Mich said...

I remember one time going to the doctor and they had me confused with someone else. Turns out there was another woman with my same name. We even had the same middle initial. Crazy, huh?

I went to Washington when I was in high school and remember being upset because while we were there the White House was closed for touring. So go to the White house so you can tell me about it.

Becky said...

I agree w/Tiffani....time for a new Dermatologist!

We went to D.C in college and loved it! We took a tour bus trip to Mt. Vernon, George Washington's home. I'm a history buff and we both enjoyed the trip. I think the girls would like it. We also took a tour bus tour of all the monuments at night...worth every penny we spent and they took us to our hotel at the end. My pictures didn't turn out but seeing the monuments at night was beautiful! It's been 11 years so I don't know if they still have these tours.

We contacted our senator and rep who scheduled our White House tour and our trip to the Capitol. We got to sit in on a session in the house....BORING! We didn't stay long but we did like seeing the Capitol building.

Your own your own w/the camera! I'm technologically challenged!!

Nina Diane said...

I live only 1 1/2 hrs from DC...great museums, restaurants and shopping! Also, I use Photoshop elements and it's great!

Amber said...

First off....I'm so glad that you are cancer free. Whewsh. I was worried that you would have to stop laying out. *wink*

Second....I've already had the D.C. discussion with you.

Third....I know nothing of cameras, so I'm bowing out of this discussion.

Fourth....I saw flower beds this week and thought of all of you. Miss y'all like crazy.

Kendra said...

I've been 4 times, first time at their age. LOVE IT. Must hit all the monuments, get passes to tour White House and the Capitol. But, you've got to get them from Mike Ross. May have shot yourself in the foot on that one. Air and Space, American history museum, Holocaust Museum (because it can't all be fun and games) Spy museum, and The Mint. Actually, I can't even list all the great places to see, and even more if you drive there!

I'm your camera and PhotoShop Queen! I'll email more info if you want. Here's my 2 cents: the body doesn't matter (usually), it's the lense. I recommend getting a newer lens because that one is pretty basic. About a 28-105 mm is a good one to have, and they're on sale on Amazon right now!!! But, I'm typing too much. I'll email you instead!