Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hog Fever and Swine Flu, Day 2

The big game day was here. We got our game faces on, complete with Razorback tattoos and headed to the stadium.

Side note here: When dressing for the big game, form SHOULD follow function, especially when choosing footwear. Those boots may look mighty fine with that sweater dress but when you have to park at the Oxford Mall, (and I use the term mall VERY loosely here) and hike to the stadium, you WILL regret wearing them. But you will look good. Smile through the pain.

On the way, while sitting in traffic with Wes suffering from a severe case of Game Day Anticipation, we saw a fan with an even worse case of Hog Fever:

We had FAB seats...right smack dab in the Ole Miss end zone next to the student section. Most of the people were very nice (except for the one or two students who had perhaps partaken of a few adult beverages, ahem) and Wes even made a few new friends. Imagine that.

And at half-time I called to check on the swine flu-infested kid and found out the younger kid had also been infected. Nice. So we finagled another Tamiflu prescription during the third quarter which was no small feat considering we were in Mississippi, my kids were at my Mom and Dad's and our pediatrician and pharmacist were back home. But we have connections...shout-out to Dr. Pursuing Pineapple!

Here's the part where we fast forward to the end of the Game That Shall Not Be Spoken Of Ever Again because it was Just. Too. Humiliating.

Anyhoo, on the way out of the stadium we saw Weird Dumpster Lady retrieving her box of Wheat Thins that she had stashed IN THE DUMPSTER. I'm sure she was an Ole Miss fan.

We visited The Grove. Wow, do these Ole Miss people really know how to tailgate. Check out this pink zebra print tent complete with Elle from Legally Blonde, a little dog in a pink carriage, a chandelier, floral arrangements, tulle, monogrammed slipcovers for the folding chairs and a color-coordinated rug.

We then left The Grove and toured the campus reminiscing with Kirk, who was once a Rebel, about days gone by. And visited the bookstore where we felt really outnumbered but oohed and ahhed over some really cute Hotty Toddy t-shirts.

And Wes and I had our picture made in front of a really big old tree.

And then Amber and I hiked back to the car barefooted like true Arkansans because we had blisters the size of Texas from our fashionable footwear.

And then we did something really adventurous but I'll have to tell you later after Amber blogs about it 'cuz friends don't steal friend's bloggy thunder.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hog Fever and Swine Flu, Day 1

This weekend featured another road trip with the besties, Kirk and

Unfortunately, it started out with my elder child coming down with the swine flu.

Fortunately, there's this stuff called Tamiflu which is a lifesaver!

Doubly fortunately, there's these people called Grandparents who were willing to keep said flu-infested elder child. God bless grandparents, Amen!

We hit the road for Oxford on Friday morning, a little guilt-ridden but still giddy with Hog Fever. Woo Pig Sooie!

Our first stop was for some necessary accessories:

We arrived a few hours later in Mississippi still giddy but slightly less guilt-ridden and we spied this:

And we said, Why yes, Paula. Yes, we are!

And then we stuffed ourselves with hoecakes and cheese biscuits and such and waddled back to the hotel to rest up for the big adventure while visions of the sugar plum fairy danced in our heads.

And thus ended the first day of Hog Fever and Swine Flu.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Hannah Joy Sullivan
Today would be your 18th birthday. It's your first birthday in Heaven.
I still remember where I was when we got the call that you had arrived. My first niece! You were such a delightful child and you grew up to be a beautiful young lady full of grace. I am so proud of you and so grateful that we got to enjoy you for 17 years.
Today you celebrate in Heaven at the feet of Jesus. I'm praying He'll give you a hug from all of us.
Happy Birthday, Hann.
Miss you like crazy, sweet girl!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Breaking News

Breaking news...

My public relations manager, Wes, has just notified me that I have been awarded the Heisman Trophy!

When asked for a comment on this prestigious and unexpected honor, my spokesperson said, "Wow."

Now, I know what you're thinking. I don't even play football.

Yes, that's true. But I HAVE been to a football game.

And although I'm certainly no athlete, I do occasionally go to Zumba and Pilates at my local gym.

And I love the IDEA of being an athlete.

And the Heisman Trophy Trust feels pretty sure that if I ever DID play football I would be a huge success.

And let's face it...a woman has never won the Heisman Trophy. Isn't it about time we break that glass ceiling?

And I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.


Just when I thought the Nobel Peace Prize couldn't get less relevant (see past winners, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter), they have awarded it to President Obama after only 12 days in office. I'm pretty sure he spent that time celebrating at the Inauguration and trying to figure out where the bathroom is in the West Wing.

At least he's in good company. The only other sitting U.S. Presidents to be awarded the Nobel were those bastions of freedom, Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. In recent years the only criteria for receiving the Nobel seems to be criticizing George W. Bush. (I see your Al Gore and Jimmy Carter and raise you a Mohamed Elbaradei.)

So, all things considered, I guess it was inevitable that President Obama receive the ultimate Participation Award.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Perseverance: True Voices of Cancer Survivors by Carolyn Rubenstein

Perseverance: True Voices of Cancer Survivors by Carolyn Rubenstein is a compilation of childhood cancer survival stories of twenty young people. While the topic is daunting, Perseverance is an uplifting and inspirational look at the heroic battles of these young people. It provides an intimate look into their journeys with cancer and their unique trials and triumphs. Their stories can teach us a lot about courage and faith. After you read their stories, you will be encouraged to never take life for granted again and to face life’s obstacles with strength and grace.

I imagine that this might be a good read for someone going through cancer treatment since it is full of practical information and real life experiences. I also think this would be a good read for anyone who has a friend or loved one with cancer. It contains a lot of the survivors’ thoughts on the various reactions to their illness of the people in their lives and how those reactions affected them. However, having recently lost my young niece to brain cancer, this was not an easy read. These stories all have “happy” endings which left me wondering, “Why not Hannah?” I don’t think I would recommend this book to anyone who has lost someone to cancer.

*I was provided a free copy of the book by A. Larry Ross Communications in return for posting a review.