Saturday, August 30, 2008

There's no accounting for some people's taste!

First, I have to make a confession. I have not done anything productive all weekend. In fact I was still in my pjs until about an hour ago. My family spent last night at our farm. I love it when they do that! They have fun and I get a weekend by myself. Last night, I ate junk food and read a new book. I finished the book this morning and ate more junk! The best part is that I don't feel remotely guilty.

The thing I really need to do this weekend is finish cleaning out closets, drawers, cabinets, etc. I'm having a garage sale with a couple of friends next weekend and I still have so much left to do. I did manage to clear out an entire closet today. Yep, it's empty! It was the closet that we crammed stuff in when we moved into the house two years ago. Never unpacked. It was kinda fun seeing things that I forgot I had. Mostly it was disturbing. Why do I have these things?! More to the point, why did I bother to carefully pack and MOVE these things?! I can't imagine that anyone will want this stuff...but there's no accounting for some people's taste. That probably explains why I acquired this junk in the first place. The item that amused me the most was the ceramic teapot with the banana tree on it and a monkey handle. Not a monkey ON the handle - the monkey IS the handle! Yikes! So I'm going to be putting all this stuff on display next weekend. Amber and Steph, you'll get to see my shame. I trust that you are good enough friends not to reveal to anyone what you see!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Here goes...

Okay, I have no idea what I'm doing and probably don't need another hobby. I think I've spent a total of about 4 hours picking out a blog template. I have also spent countless hours to no avail trying to come up with a snazzy blog name that captures my interests and personality. I finally settled on a very plain jane, vanilla name...hmm...maybe that DOES capture my interests and personality quite nicely!

Amber, my nosy friend, this blog's for you! (You too, Mer.)