Thursday, June 25, 2009

Great American Road Trip 2009 Day .5

Greetings from Memphis, home of the blues and birthplace of rock 'n roll!

At least that's what they claim:

Here's the skyline as we crossed the Mighty Mississippi...

and The Pyramid:

Of course, we have the obligatory picture in front of The Pyramid:

Please excuse my makeup-less, frumpy, road-weary self.

I understand that they no longer regularly use the Pyramid for sporting events and according to Wikipedia, the last concert was held in 2007. It seems a shame and a great waste. Darn that new-fangled FedExForum!

We also have a special guest traveling with us.

If you have or have had a 3rd grader then you are familiar with Flat Stanley.

Meet his very distant cousin, Flat Glenn.

Flat Glenn was very excited about his first visit to Memphis. He really wanted to go to Beale Street but unfortunately we didn't have time. Memphis is just a pit stop on this Great American Road Trip 2009.

Tomorrow we hit the road for Chattanooga. See you there!


Amber said...

I think I laughed harder already knowing about Flat Glenn than I would have if I hadn't. That is hysterical. Wes's arm makes it even better!!!!

Y'all have fun!! I'm a lot jealous!

Mich said...

Love flat Glenn! We had a Flat Stanley last year and sent him to an old friend in Australia. He came back with all kind of goodies.

Road trip! Fun!

Kendra said...

Of course you're bringing Glenn with you! I'm so glad Wes is secure in his place in your heart!

I didn't know I was driving. We did, too, when we went to DC. And that was before cell phones, MP3 players, car DVD players, iphones, twitter, and all the lovely things we have to keep in touch now a days!

Stop in Williamsburg and Jamestown on the way. You'll LOVE IT! Jealous of the trip!

Tiffani said...

HYSTERICAL!! I love Flat Stanley (Flat Glenn)!

Tennessee is my very favorite state outside of my own...we were just in Chattanooga for Father's Day! Are y'all going to Rock City or Ruby Falls??!! You have to!

Enjoy your trip!

Carpoolqueen said...

I love road trips. When we go to OK every year to see my family, sight of the Pyramid sets of a chorus of cheers in my car. Not for the pyramid, but for the knowledge that the hotel with the pool is only two hours down the road and we'll be stopping for the night.