Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Man In Our Lives

Wes, you are...

the master griller,

the deck builder,

the spider killer,

the lone man in a house full of women,

the bear-hug giver,

the encourager and supporter,

the cheer-giver,

the hard worker and great provider,

the help-giver,

the party waitin' to happen,

the fixer of all things,

the car driver,

the vacation planner,

the promise keeper,

the eternal optimist,

the Jesus lover,

the daddy to my girls.

You are extraordinary and I am so thankful that our girls' first impression of what Our Heavenly Father is like is based on their relationhip with you.
Happy Father's Day!
We love you!


Lindsay said...

Nice tribute to Wes. Y'all have been special to me.

Alison said...

So I totally just figured out that you can do a post and change the font, size, center it, ect. I am a moron and a half!

So just to warn you...I loved your idea on this post...I copied it. Hope you don't mind! ;-) So creative!!!

Amber said...

Happy Father's Day, Wes!!!!!!