Friday, June 26, 2009

Great American Road Trip 2009 Day 1

Today we headed out for Chattanooga.

Flat Glenn kept asking "Are we there yet?" so I was forced to zip him up in my laptop case.

Around lunch time we were looking for a place to stop and picnic. No fast food for us, no sir-ee bob. We were on the lookout for a rest area or park but you know you can't find one when you need one. Then we spied an inviting, ginormous sign that said "Historic Site, Normandy Dam". So, we're thinking, "Historic site...that sounds like a place that would have picnic tables." So we took the exit...and hilarity ensued.

We drove...and drove...and drove...and noticed that the signage for the historical Normandy Dam was getting smaller and smaller. In retrospect, I think the sign people were just trying to lower our expectations. Just when we'd about given up on ever finding said historical dam, we see the turnoff. Finally!

The dam was dam disappointing. And not a dam picnic table in sight to eat our dam lunch. The dam signs were very misleading. And it was a dam long way to the dam. (Yes, you can call us the Griswolds.) But what can you expect from a government project, right? So we turned around and went back to the recreation area we had passed along the way.

Flat Glenn was very sad that the dam was not ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS...


We finished up our long-awaited picnic and then tried to find our way back to the interstate.

We took the scenic route...

Which was fine. I mean, we're not in a hurry, we're on vacation for cryin' out loud!

Once we were back on the interstate, we discovered that the VERY NEXT exit was a state park complete with an entire picnic area with a plethora of picnic tables. Huh.

Once we arrived in Chattanooga, we checked in and then found a delightful place to eat.

Big River Grill & Brewery. All kinds of yum!

They make their own root beer!

I had Blue Crab Stuffed Chicken. It was lightly breaded chicken stuffed with crab and artichokes served on a bed of smoked Roma tomatoes, sauteed spinach and rice pilaf.

It was to. die. for.

Next, we hopped shuttle down to the Riverwalk.

There was also a free concert downtown at Miller Plaza featuring a local band, Infinite Orange. They were pretty good.

But what was really good was the Italian ice.

And thus ends our first full day of vacation. Stay tuned for more absurdity.


Carpoolqueen said...

I love that you took the road less travelled and didn't panic about ruining your vacation going down the wrong dam road.

And look at you in your cute vacation travel clothes!

Tiffani said...

Too funny!!

I love Chattanooga!!!

Can't wait to hear what's next!

You guys are reminding me of my road trips w/ my grandparents when I was little and making me want to take my kiddos on one!!

Kendra said...

You are going to crack me up with Flat Glenn.

We always stopped at rest stops or historical areas to eat out of our cooler. You are totally like my mom on vacation! I'm just sad that 3 is too young for a long road trip.

Keep having fun and keep safe!

Amber said...

First of all...your dress...way cute.

Second of all...I'm a bibt disappointed that Dixie didn't take pictures of your food. Or the root beer.

Third of all...Flat Glenn still makes me snort giggle.

Fourth of all...I would pay a ton of money to be on that road trip with you. Because it just looks like a dam good time. ;)