Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things I've Learned This Week

1. A kicky new pair of shoes makes me feel almost as sassy as a pedicure.

2. When describing said kicky shoes, do not use the adjective "girl" with -y on the end. You get lots of creepy Google hits from foreign countries, as my friend Carpoolqueen found out.

3. I like sweet potatoes. If my Mom is reading this she is shocked. I have hated, HATED them since I can remember. However, being on a strict, low-cal, low-fat diet will make you glad to eat cardboard. I recommend about 3 packets of Splenda and 2 or 6 teaspoons of cinnamon. For the potato, not the cardboard. Although, that might work too.

4. I am sadly lacking in any kind of knowledge of the history of my hometown as evidenced by my being no help whatsoever with my daughter's history homework.

5. I am a mean mom because I won't go buy my daughter a new Nintendo DS tonight so she can take it to school tomorrow. (The teacher rewards the kids by letting them bring iPods, DSs and whatnot occasionally.) Nevermind that she already has a DS; she just can't find it. And it's sooooo hard to look for things. And I won't mention the Gameboy she lost on vacation.

Now, I have to go find some sassy shoes to help me get through tomorrow. Thank goodness it's Friday!


Carpoolqueen said...

Why didn't I think of kicky? It's perfect! As are those shoes - to die for! They make me happy happy.

And I love sweet potatoes, too, but I tend to load mine up with butter and cinnamon. Probably why I haven't lost an ounce.

Christi said...

Thank goodness for cute shoes!

When everything else is falling apart, just look at your feet, and suddenly things aren't so bad after all!

Amber said...

I, too, have suffered at the hands of girl + y. Not good.

Heart your new shoes.

Do not heart the yammers.

Heart that other people's children are as insistent of whacko demands as min

Mich said...

Cute shoes.

It is funny how our tastes will change over the years. I guess I should follow my own rules that I give my kids..."just try it."

Kendra said...

New kicks are great!

And if you want those spuds to taste really good, load on the butter! But, I find that a couple of sprays of "I can't believe it's not butter" and some Splenda brown sugar (highly recommend it!)do the trick. But, the BEST sweet potato comes from Colten's. Y-U-M!!!

And mean mama's rule the world!!! Makes our kids tough!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Mean mamas unite! I'm mean too...for so many reasons.

I love your shoes.

And I LOVE sweet potatoes! That's my favorite thing on the menu at Texas Roadhouse. I like them even better than the steak. I'm weird like that.