Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Finale

Hey, internets! I'm so giddy about tonight's finale that I'm going to blog in real-time. Of course, you won't be reading it in real-time because I won't have published this post yet.

Randy, for me, for you I'm liking your red glasses and matching bow tie.

I am NOT diggin' the all-white apparel. They look like orderlies in a mental ward.

David Cook rocks! I wish he had done "Light On."

Oh, nice tribute to his brother, who lost his battle with brain cancer a few weeks ago. Everyone, go buy the iTunes download since the proceeds go to cancer research. Very cool.

The Golden Idol Awards? Funny...very funny...but seems kinda mean. But still, these people put themselves out there. Dean is rockin' that plaid jacket. Ha! I had forgotten about Norman Gentle the sweatband-shiny-shirt- wearin' guy. Hey, where's his headband?!

Oh, there it is.

Lil Rounds looks great. I think she's totally holding her own with Queen Latifah. I am loving Queen's big earrings. Need me some of those. Is that a spandex unitard she's wearing? Oh, no, Queen, no, no!

Anoop! I've missed you so!

Someone please make Megan stop dancing.

What is up with the creepy zebra/mummy backup dancers? Freaky Edward-Scissorhands, Fergie. Very disturbing.

Ok, hit pause on the DVR. I have to go pick up Hayley from right back.

I'm back!

I hate Bikini Girl. I have no words for what Cara just did.

Cindy Lauper is still cool. Who knew? Is "Time After Time" the only song she ever made?

Alright, my man Danny Gokey. Oh, be still my heart..."Hello"!!!!!!! Wooty-woot for Lionel Richie! I didn't know he was still alive. The years have been kind to you, Mr. Richie. Oh, Danny, I am putty in your hands, I tell ya.

Oh, SWEET MERCY! Do my eyes deceive me?! Adam is wearing rhinestone-studded Gothic wings and has the feet of the Iron Giant.

Oh. KISS. It all makes sense now. They are still as bizarre as ever. Is it even still the same guys? Who could tell under all that make-up? I feel old. My daughter only knows them because this song is on Guitar Hero.

Hey, Matt G, my grandpa called and he wants his hat back.

Steve Martin. Really? He has an album?! I'm pretty sure this is an SNL skit. At least Megan is sitting down so she won't dance.

Please, please tell me Rod Stewart isn't going to show up. Drat! I think he's wearing Dean's plaid jacket. The years have not been kind to Rod. Thank goodness for fast-foward.

Ok, moving right along. Oh, Tatiana. You were just a painful, distant memory and here you are again.

Kris and Adam's duet version of "We Are the Champions"? Bliss. My soul is dancing. I don't even know what that means.

Quit talking and announce it already!

YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAA! I am so beside myself.

I declare Season 8 the Best American Idol Evah!


Becky said...

Yeah Kris Allen!! Caught the most important part....the last 10 minutes.

Felt compelled for some weird reason to tell you that Steve Martin is a serious banjo player. Saw him on CMT talking about his bluegrass album and playing. Apparently he has played with some of the best over the years. I know it's a weird random fact but that's me!!

Mich said...

It was a great show, but I thought they could have found a better "rock" band than KISS.

I know you aren't into country, but I did like the Keith Urban and Kris duo too. OF course I was a Danny fan too, so I loved him and Lionel.

I'm still in shock that Kris won.

Amber said...

Mahvalus run down, dahling. Simply mahvalus.

This is me, liking you. For you. Dawg.

And woo hoo, Kris! Still.can'