Thursday, May 28, 2009


Sorry, I'm too frazzled to think of a clever title for this post.

Swimsuit to replace the one outgrown: $26.99

Goggles to replace the ones that have gone MIA: $10.00

Admission: $5.00

Snacks: $5.00

Having your daughter be old enough to drop off at the water park: Priceless!

Busy day. Wes decided to make plans last night for Caitlin and a friend to go to the waterpark after school. Of course, I have to actually follow through with the plans. So, I left work at 3:00pm to pick them up from school. Of course Caitlin did not have her swim stuff with her so I had to take them all the way to our house in Timbuktu to change. Naturally, no one had bothered to look for anything ahead of time so I had to manage the search for the missing goggles and swimsuit and had to deal with the drama when we realized said swimsuit and goggles are in Ruston at Anna Kate's house. So, I scrounged up last year's suit and managed to squeeze Caitlin in to it. Then I had to swing by Hibbett's and invest in new goggles. THEN I dropped them off at the water park. Whew! Thanks, Wes.

Back to the water park at 5:30pm with Caitlin's softball stuff so she could change there for her 6:00pm game. Dropped friend off at her house and trudged on over to the softball field. Realized that there were TWO games instead of the ONE that was mentioned in the coach's email, Grrrr!, so I really regretted not eating dinner before we left. Also, realized that Wes has two games starting at 8:00 pm and we only have one car. At 7:00 pm, between games, rushed home to get second vehicle. Choked down dinner and rushed back to see the end of Caitlin's game. Second game didn't end until 8:30 pm. Grumbled. Remembered Caitlin has Field Day tomorrow and needs various and sundried items for that. Too tired to think about it.

Also remembered that I should have ordered Caitlin's birthday cake today. Decided to just get cupcakes. Remembered that we never tracked down the two birthday-party-invitees that we didn't have addresses and/or phone numbers for. Decided not to worry about them. We'll try again next year.

Must. go. to. bed. now.


Mich said...

Gotta love it when daddy makes plans for you to carry out!

Busy day! You wore me out, just reading about it!


Nina Diane said...

it was one of the happiest days I can remember when I could just drop the kids off at the pool. (they had all passed their swim test which is a requirement to be left there) and then....well, they just turned in to "pool rats" and pretty much lived there every summer.

buscher3 said... this the kind of stuff I have to look forward to when Zoe and Ethan get older?? Fun fun...

Caitlin said...

thats why i didnt have a cake??? u said that u loved that kind.