Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

It looks like my clever plan to make you all feel sorry for me paid off!


I got several comments from people I don't hear from often and even finagled an invitation to go eat ice cream. YES! Thanks, Amb.

One of you even appreciated my skunk joke enough to share a cheese joke. Classic! Thanks, Mer!

Did y'all watch The Goode Family on ABC tonight? L. O. L.!!! It makes fun of being green and politically correct. Well, it made fun of religion and abstinence too but I say it's healthy to be able to laugh at yourself. Pretty funny stuff, but it won't last. I think they managed to offend every special interest group out there.

I need to upload my pics from this weekend, don't I? Still too lazy. Maybe tomorrow. Is the suspense killing you?


Mich said...

For some reason I feel the great need to respond to my WONDERFUL sister's comment on your last post.

#1 What can I say, the "heart" thing, she is rubbing off on me, I guess.

#2 The friend thing...I do have to remind her sometimes that I knew you first!!! I mean, when I first met you, she would have been how old? :) I am so thankful you gals are friends.

On another note, thanks for the prayers. And yes, I would be interested in knowing what diet you are on and if it is something he could do. Can you send it to me?

Love ya!

keaton said...

There goes my sister again....sheesh. I am WONDERFUL though, aren't I!

Ice cream was yummy. Jewelry shopping wasn't too shabby either.

Don't you love it when an evil plan comes together like cake?!?!

Ooooohhhh....cake. Yum.

Amber said...

Sorry....that comment was not left by KEATON...that would be me, AMBER.

Dad gum kids.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I watched The Goode Family last night and was laughing hysterically (all the while hoping you weren't watching it and laughing at ME and my green self. Which come to find out you probably were). ;)

Yeah, I want to see some pics. Hurry it up already.