Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Round-Up

Ok, my blog is completely out of control, much like my life. There is no rhyme or reason around here. Today I'm going to tie up some loose ends and try to regain some semblance of order. Deep breath....

My BFFs, Amber and Steph reminded me a while back that I left y'all hangin' with regards to my blogging from an undisclosed location. So in the interest of full disclosure...I was here:

in Branson, MO. It was lovely.

We visited the Butterly Palace and saw lots of these:

And all manner of fun was had by these two:

Ironically, while I tried not to advertise to the world wide web that our house would be empty for five days, dear hubby kept updating his facebook status with play-by-play action.

This weekend I had a garage sale with aforementioned BFFs and while monetarily speaking it was soooo not worth my effort, I DID get to spend 8 + hours with said BFFs which was totally worth it. Sorry, no pics.

Hubby and his friend E, who happens to be married to Steph , have hired a personal trainer who is a former Marine drill sergeant. And his wife is the food Nazi. Steph and I are participating in the diet part of this body bootcamp as a show of moral support, much to the dismay of our enabler-friend Amber. However, after one week, Hubby has lost 13+ lbs and I have lost 8.5 lbs.

Can I have a "Hallelujah?!"



Amber said...

Hallelujah for fancy-schmancy hotel rooms.

Hallelujah for butterflies and squatty birds.

Hallelujah for lots of chit-chatting while trying to sell eachother's junk (at least your monkey teapot went this time...although I'm still grieving for my Austin Powers suitcase).

But...a big Booalujah for Nazi diets and y'all giving up cake. My world is crumbling around me...I'm telling's just not right.

But...Hallelujah for dropping the poundage. I will now be referring to you as Skinny McMinny. And Wes as Skinny McMouse.

Kendra said...

WOW! 8 pounds in a week by a woman who is not exercizing! Either you were eating too much before or this diet has you eating next to nothing!

And you've got to tell how you made those faux cornice boards!

Carpoolqueen said...

Holy Cow! I've been killing myself on the Shred and haven't lost a single OUNCE!!!

Not fair.

So not fair.

Mich said...

Any diet that has you losing weight that fast is probably a lot of work. I need a diet for the "on the go mom" who can't live without her carbs! Any ideas?! And please don't mention exercise!

I'm happy for you...jealous, but very happy! :)

Christi said...

2 things...

1) I need the info on that awesome spot in Branson...we are big Branson fans!

2) Maybe your trainer person needs to audition for a trainer spot on Biggest Loser! I'm impressed!!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

8.5lbs? That is awesome. What are you doing, girl????