Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday-Palooza 2009

On Friday Caitlin turned 9. Her party wasn't until the next day due to a scheduling conflict with a softball tournament that was later cancelled anyway. Grrr!

So we decided to celebrate by taking Caitlin and her friend Emma to Hot Springs to dinner and a movie.

Of all the dining choices available in the metropolitan oasis that is Hot Springs, Caitlin chose this:

where she ordered her favorite staple of haute cuisine, a spud...with lots of butter. She decided to mix it up a little by adding cheese. She lives life on the edge.

The adventure continued with a stop at Caitlin's favorite store:

where she found an adorable baby guinea pig that we promptly named Penelope. Caitlin's mean daddy says "NO MORE GUINEA PIGS!" so she and I were very disappointed. We consoled ourselves by purchasing a stuffed crab for Tess the Sheltie.

Mama had to take a detour to Old Navy to purchase some dirt cheap flip flops and Daddy had to detour by Lowe's to purchase some post endcaps for the new deck. (That's a story for another day.)

We also stopped by the party supply store to buy treats for the birthday party but were quickly distracted by all manner of goofy glasses:

(Perhaps this is a good time to interject that Caitlin does not always wear her name on her forehead. Friday was Field Day at school, hence the facepainting.)

We finally ended up at the movie theatre where Caitlin chose to see:

We had promised the girls some candy for the movie and of all the sugar-licious choices, Caitlin picked:

I'm pretty sure we're not related.

Regarding "Up" I really just have three words:

Doug. the. Dog.

I laughed 'til I cried. You see, we have a goofy Golden Retriever and if she could talk, she would BE Doug the Dog.

"Up" turned out to be a really good family flick. I had my doubts, especially since it was 3-d AND nearly two hours long but I was pleasantly surprised. It starts kinda slow and a little depressing but winds up with a pretty good plot line. It also contains some good themes like keeping promises and making people a priority over possessions.

And so the first day of Birthday-palooza 2009 draws to a close.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Sounds like a fun day!

I've heard I'll need Kleenex for UP. That so?

Amber said...

Good times.

Did you buy the glasses? I think you should of. Those weird ones you are wearing are super cool.

Carpoolqueen said...

McAllister's makes the best sweet tea. I never drink sweet tea at a restaurant unless it's McAllister's. Do I sound like a crazy stalker fan of that place? But it's the only thing I like there. Nothing else. Just the tea.

Anonymous said...

I thought maybe YOU wrote her name on her forehead. I'm always threatening to write my kids' names on their foreheads so that I"ll call them by the right name.

Quick question about "Up." Did you cry? Because I cried a little. And now I'm wondering if that was weird.

Kendra said...

How can she be nine, when last year she was just five?

LOVE Doug the Dog. Seriously, if a golden retriever could talk, it would be just like that.

Sam's favorite moment: when the mean dogs decided to become nice dogs. Go figure, he likes a happy ending.

buscher3 said...

Great movie choice....I love the movie clips that they've played on Disney Channel. Looks funny! I can't believe she's 9!!!

Mich said...

We went and saw the movie. I'm glad it turned out pretty cute and funny overall, because there were a few Kleenex moments.

So glad she had a good birthday.

I loved the glasses!

Christi said...

Sounds like it was a fun celebration! :)

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chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

be so thankful you skipped the guinea pig. i'm STILL waiting on our hamster to die.

Caitlin said...

i cant even believe im 9!! oh u should of got the glasses when u turn 40 (whitch will be along time) it would be good cause its 40 glasses! lol i should of gotten my skull glasses! lol great day, great day