Monday, July 13, 2009

A Pantry Redo

Do you remember lo, these many posts ago, that I told you how sad my pantry makes me?

Well, I finally hired a painter.

She worked for peanuts cookies.

A little paint, spray adhesive and cutie patootie scrapbook paper later...

VoilĂ !

I still want some more containers, baskets, bins and such but it's such an improvement already. It makes me smile...until I realize that it has to be restocked and that means a trip to my nemesis, Wal-Mart.

I wonder if I can hire a personal shopper?


Mich said...

Too cute! Very creative!

Kendra said...

Love it!

Don't forget the canned goods rack! Unless you have a lazy susan built in, then never mind.

Mine is boring old wire, but very organized. I can't do some cool painting in there like you did.

Carpoolqueen said...

Love the color. Wiggle my toes love it!

Amber said...

Shut up! It looks so great!!!!

Way to go...uh, Caitlin!

Personal shopper for WalMart? You are a genious.

vgrdesigns said...

I would LOVE to be your personal shopper..that is my dream job! Your pantry looks fabulous!!! Maybe I need to hire Caitlin to come give mine a face lift!

Caitlin said...

yah when i can drive a car maybe... how bout u teach me! ill do it for free! ill paint for free too! well maybe not... Thanks, Amber!