Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pantry Pickle

Have I told you how sad my pantry makes me?

Please don't look at it too long or you too could become overwhelmed by despair.

Yes, the shelves are unpainted. That's another one of those things that we were going to finish after we moved in...three years ago.

Yes, those are grease stains on the unpainted shelf from various "nutritious" snacks that my kids (or husband) spilled onto said shelf and left there. But really, if you spilled something in here would you feel compelled to clean it up either? I mean, it's OBVIOUSLY so well-cared for!

There's the bread-maker that I thought I had to have and haven't used in years. There's the cupcake maker that Caitlin had to have for Christmas that hasn't been used since. There's also a can of chickpeas. Why?

Yes there are three identical bags of cereal. For some reason, once there is a new bag of cereal my kids refuse to finish the current bag, even if they are the same kind so I have to time my cereal purchases very carefully. Guess I've fallen off that wagon.

Oh, and I hate that wire shelf thingy. It's functional but soooo ugly. Any ideas?

See those pretty glass canisters with the stainless steel lids? I heart those. Got 'em at Hobby Lobby for $3-4 a piece. I taped the cooking instructions to the bottom of each canister. I've got one for spaghetti, one for rice, and one for instant mashed potato flakes which is a staple at our house. I haven't decided what to put in the fourth one. They look out of place in that dismal hole I call a pantry.

I'm thinking of painting the walls and shelves a fun color. Any suggestions on some other ways to beautify and organize my nemesis?


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

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Amber said...

I'm hearting your canisters, too!!

And, Girl...your pantry is prettier than mine...because at least you have one!! My cabinets are UGLY inside. I've thought about blogging them, but decided that I don't want to scare off the readership!! :)

Paint is always good....and fun colors for sure! Like red. Or yellow. Or kelly green. Because those colors make me happy...just like food!!!

And I giggled at the grease stains...I have those, too!!! And a sticky spot from where the honey leaked....awesome.

Mich said...

Paint is good.

However, I have to be honest my friend... even if it is fixed up cute, you will still have spill stains and multiple bags of the same cereal, cause families are untrainable after a certain point.

I have had to learn that lesson the hard way. But don't let that keep you from trying...everytime I clean I have "hope" that it will stay that way! :)

Have done decorating! Make sure you show after shots!

Happy Easter!

Mich said...

have "done" decorating? what was that...I meant "fun!!!"

Kendra said...

Oh, you know I love to have a nice neat pantry. Just check back at an old blog posting of mine if you don't understand.

I'm glad we have wire shelves for the very reason you state: grease and food spills. Blech!

If it was up to me, my fourth cannister would be filled with yummy treats and hidden from little children's eyes!