Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Don't Know Why I Feel Compelled to Share This

Our family has a weird thing that we do.

Each member of our family has a cartoon voice that we use to have conversations with each other on behalf of our pets.

For example, when I come in the house I'll see Tess, the Sheltie, and I'll say "Hey, Tess!" and Hayley or Caitlin will respond in a high-pitched baby voice "Hey, Momma! I'm glad you're home!" as though Tess was answering my greeting.

But that's not the weird thing I'm talking about.

We give each of our pets theme songs.


Each pet has a distinctive personality or characteristic. When listening to the radio, if we hear a line in a song that reminds us of that characteristic we'll say "That's _____ song!" Fill in the blank with the pet's name.

I'll give you some examples.

Max, the Jersey Wooley rabbit, may he rest in peace, looked like a Brillo pad. So, do you remember the line in "Cha-Cha Slide" that goes "Fonky...fonky...fonky?" Max's hair was fonky and therefore, "Cha-Cha Slide" became his song.

Shelby, the Sheltie, may she rest in peace, had Alzheimers and pretty much had to be carried everywhere there towards the end. But when we picked her up she always looked confused like she thought she was levitating so her song became "I Believe I Can Fly."

Maddie, the German Shepherd, is a Type-A, anal-retentive type. She loves to fetch but refuses to give the thrown item back. She will stand just out of reach. So her song is "Can't Touch This."

So, imagine my concern when we were in the car one day and Britney Spears' song "Womanizer" came on and both my girls squealed...

"That's Daddy's song!!!"

Beg your pardon?

You'll be relieved to know, as I was, that "Womanizer" is Daddy's song because he likes to make fun of Britney's synthesized, electronic voice.


Carpoolqueen said...

Glad we cleared that up. Otherwise we'd be channeling a little Rihanna singing "Breaking Dishes".

Amber said...

Ha! I'm so singing that to him the next time I see him...

"Fonky"....also Sawyer's song.

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

That is too funny!!!!

Remind me to tell you about Addison, Karioke and Super Freak!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Whew...I'm so relieved.

And yeah, that's weird, but also VERY funny. Thanks for sharing your family quirkiness.

You need a song now Lisa...hmmmmmmmmmmm...

Becky said...

That is hilarious!!

I bet your heart stopped beating there for a second...