Thursday, April 16, 2009

Something's Brewing and It Isn't Earl Grey

So the family and I went to the Tax Day Tea Party at the State Capitol yesterday. I plan to blog about it tomorrow for Freedom Friday but thought I'd share a couple of things to whet your appetite.

First, it was so fun to read all the signs that people had made. Some clever, some not, and a few just baffling. This one made me giggle every time I glanced at it. See the white one that reads "HELP! My gov't is robbing me!"

Every time I glanced at it my brain registered it as "HELP! My gout is killing me!" And I kept picturing a little old person that had taken a wrong turn and thought they were protesting in front of the nursing home.

Yeah, I'm that easily amused.

I turned over my camera to my 8 year-old to keep her entertained and it quickly evolved into a supermodel photo shoot starring her sister which resulted in the pictures like the following:

I also got a lot of pictures of the sky, the ground, and very surprised motorists driving in the other lane beside us on the interstate. And of course...

The all-important Ice Cream Truck with the irritating jingle. Shameless capitalist! He knew he had a captive audience of parents desperate to pacify their children. Good job, Ice Cream Guy!

More tomorrow. I must go to bed.


Amber said...

That's hysterical! Gout. America's Next Top Model. Ice Cream. Sounds like my kind of afternoon. Oh...and all that political stuff, too.

Mich said...

You make me laugh!
Look forward to reading your "party review." My father-in-law went too. I'll have to ask him if he carried a sign. :)