Monday, April 20, 2009

In Which I Brag on Myself

Look-ee what I did! See that fabric cornice board? I made that-with styrofoam! I found some instructions for a lightweight cornice board here. But the thing I'm most proud of is...

See those ecru panels?

Canvas painter's drop cloths.


Got them at for $7.53 a piece. They are 4' by 12' and already finished at the edges. They have a really great weight and texture. All I had to do was cut off the top to the desired length and sew a simple rod pocket. Ta-da!

Bottom line...I paid $1.88 per yard for my drapes. Ha!, I laugh at your $6.98 per yard canvas!

Please excuse the chair that does not match. It is due to be re-covered.

In other news...

I walked in the other day and my 8-year old had lined up in the butler's pantry all of her Webkinz that need to be repaired due to the Beast that runs our house and destroys all things near and dear to us, a.k.a Tess the Sheltie.

I said, "Whatcha doin'?"

She said, in her most serious voice, "THIS is the infirmary."

I just love that she knows words like 'infirmary' and uses them when I least expect it.

Here are the patients:

I'm not sure the one missing his entire face in going to make it.

I don't think he has health insurance.


Carpoolqueen said...

Anytime the slightist bit of craftiness erupts within me, I enjoy documenting and sharing with EVERYONE!

Congratulations! Looks fabulous. I go to JC Penneys and I'm sure pay through the nose for my curtains.....

Christi said...

I had seen that idea on another blog recently, but was afraid that it wouldn't really be all that it was cracked up to be. I'm encouraged to hear that you liked the quality as much as she seemed to. I have a place that I wouldn't mind trying it out on.

I think that you got an even better price than she did on the drop cloths! :)

Kendra said...

LISA! Do tell about how you did the cornice!!! Fab, cheap, crafty curtains!

Amber said...

Oh so crafty.
Oh so swanky.
Oh so sassy.

Oh so jealous.

Caitlin said...

poor poor webkinz...... :(