Friday, July 10, 2009

Freedom Friday 07.10.09

Freedom Friday is back! Welcome.

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Today's topic is...

Health Care.


I've been reading about the history of the American health insurance industry but before you stop reading, I am NOT going to bore you with it. I would just like to say that I think the problem with today's health system was created by the unintended consequences of excessive government regulation.

Say what?!

In a nutshell, during World War II, wage freezes imposed by the government actually accelerated the spread of group health care. Unable by law to attract workers by paying more, employers instead began adding health care to their benefit packages, resulting in our current employer-based health insurance system. This also proves once again that despite government's good intentions, they more often than not create more problems than they solve.

Government programs to cover health care costs began to expand during the 1950s and 1960s. When the government created Medicare and Medicaid programs in 1965, private sources still paid 75 percent of all of the health care costs. By 1995, individuals and companies only paid for about half of the health care with the government responsible for the other half. I think that this government intervention contributed to the notion that health insurance is a "right" and also contributed to increased health care costs to the insured. Once again...say it with me...Government's good intentions created more problems than they solved.

So, what makes us think that government can fix it this time?

No, really. THIS time they'll get it right.

I believe that the health care plan(s) being discussed in Washington will lead to lower-quality health care, fewer medical personnel entering the profession, and more government control of what should be personal decisions between you and your doctor. In a word, DISASTER!

So, Lisa, what's YOUR solution?

I think ideally the solution would be market-based where individuals are responsible for purchasing their own insurance. Elimination of government intervention and meddling in health care would lead to greater competition which would lead to lower costs.


I know, the idea of individuals actually being responsible for themselves is shocking. But you know, I pay for my own auto and homeowner's insurance. If I chose not to and I crashed my car or my house burned down...well, it would suck to be me. Why should health insurance be any different?

How do we get there in today's political climate?

I don't think we can.

Which is one great reason to get actively involved in changing the political climate! Government IS the problem. Or more to the point, the two-party system IS the problem.

I know, I KNOW, I've just greatly over-simplified a very complex subject. But hopefully this will serve as a starting point for you to begin thinking about government's role in health care.


Amber said...

Oh, Smart Friend.

How I needed you to tell me how to feel about this topic!

My favorite line in this whole post..."well, then it would suck to be me."

Kendra said...

My political sister, we are so like minded.

I am afraid if there ever is national health care, like in Canada. Just ask a Canadian how great their health care is. Oh, it isn't that great? Well, what do you know!

Why does everyone expect the government to bail them out? You all have choices! You choose to further your education to increase your potential for employment or earnings, or you choose to barely squeek through school in order to win one dead end job after another. I truly believe that if MOST people would apply themselves they could go on to some form of education after collegs, even if it's a technical/trade school. With more education comes more money, better benefits, or at least, the money to take out a personal insurance policy!

Also, if I can continue my speech, our nation is in health care crisis mode because WE CREATED IT by being so unhealthy! Fat lazy lifestyles have lead to this. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes is on the rise, especially in children! Get out of the drive thru, get off the couch, turn off the Wii, and do something about your health before MY tax dollars have to bail you out of your health crisis of your own making!

Lisa, I love you and am so glad you've started posting Freedom Friday again! I'm not smart enough to make such interesting and intellectual posts, so I'll leave it up to you. But I'll always enjoy reading them and joining in on the discussion!

Lindsay said...

Lisa, I'd like to echo Amber and Kendra re: these Freedom Friday posts. Very readable and clear. Simplistic is a good thing.