Sunday, August 2, 2009


I just borrowed my post title from my friend Tiffani because:

A) I'm not feeling particularly creative tonight;

B) It aptly describes what is sure to be a very random and miscellaneous post; and

C) I love the way it just rollllssss off the tongue!

So when we last met here, I was bemoaning the fact that I had 222 visitors to my site but only 4 comments. I think I'm going to start doing shout-outs to the locations I find in my Sitemeter stats.

Hello, Tyler, TX and Pittsburgh, IL! Y'all leave me a comment and tell me about yourselves.

The husband has gone bow-fishing with Mr. Raising Rascals and I have control of the remote. And I have chosen to watch "Pawn Stars" on the History Channel. Weird.

I have a close relative that has had some major health problems this week. (He's on the worries.) There was some question about whether or not his insurance is valid and let me tell you...I have glimpsed the future of Obamacare and it. is. ugly.

We are all going to die.

My older child has back problems. She had an X-ray this past week and it looked normal and the pain meds they put her on are not helping. We're on Month 3 of this and no progress. Probably gonna have an MRI. Sigh.

I'm just glad we don't have Obamacare...yet. I suppose we'd be waiting about 6 more months for an MRI. And then another 12 months to see a specialist.

Younger child's love of gardening is paying off big-time. She just harvested a yellow squash. Yes, I said "a". That's it. But a delicious squash it was.

Her tomato harvest should yield more. As of today, she had seven tomatoes. We'll have a lovely salad and maybe a BLT.

We have a millipede invasion going on. There are THOUSANDS of them and they are coming inside!! They are immune to all sprays, powders and granules. Mr. Slice of Life called the neighbors and they have the same problem. He says that Mrs. Neighbor called the government about it. I'm guessing he means the county extension agent? I don't know, Obama's appointed so many czars maybe there is one in charge of millipedes. We'll probably find out they're endangered and we can't spray them but then maybe we'd be eligible for stimulus money. We'd probably be required to build a Millipede Museum with it.

Younger daughter just bought school supplies tonight. I love, LOVE new school supplies! I just realized that I don't have to buy crayons this year. Sigh.

In other news...I joined the gym.


I'll wait while you recover from your shock.

Actually, I joined involuntarily when I wasn't looking. Mr. Slice of Life has finished with his personal trainer and joined the local health club. They had a SWEET (according to him) deal for families. So now I'm a proud member too. Yea.

On Friday I finally gave in to Amber's constant pressure and hounding to workout with her, Steph, and Jen. I went to Pilates.

And lived to tell about it.

Although on Saturday living seemed doubtful.

Ok, I guess that pretty much wraps up what's been going on around here.


Kendra said...

We had a millipede invasion in our last house in Arkadoo. I was grossed out and freaked out. Our mighty Terminix lady destroyed them. The gross thing is, when we moved out, we found so many of their dead little bodies hiding under our furniture. EEW! I feel for you. I've got the heebie-jeebies just thinking about them!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm still delirious from my recent trip to Walmart, but this post was so funny to me...From the bow-fishing hubby to the millipede czar, I had fun!

Amber said...

Okay....I'm going to allow you to refer to me as the "hounder" only because I'm so stinkin' proud of you for going!!!!!

And the millipede czar...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Carpoolqueen said...

You'll have lots of blog fodder now that you're going to the gym. It'll be worth the pain.

Tiffani said...

that is a GREAT title, isn't it?! Feel free to use it and we'll just REuse it anytime we need a title for a post, okay?!

Ewww about the millipedes and double ewwwwwwwww about Obama and czars and his healthcare...

The day I don't have to buy crayons is the day I think I'll cry the hardest!! Their smell is heavenly and it's a true indication of children growing UP!!! No thank you!!!

soo funny, you are. hope your Monday shapes up to a great one!

(OHHHH and how could I have forgotten Sweet Home Alabama the other day??!!)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'll be stealing that title is really GOOD!

You crack me up, Lisa. So much funny stuff in this post. Sorry about H's back. I hope it turns out to be nothing.

Oh man. You joined the gym? You were my inspiration for not exercising. I felt like I had an ally. I'm so disappointed.


Caitlin said...

ummm. How was the gym?? oh and I HATE THE MILLIPEDES!!! you cant step one step without stepping on one! hehe. i dont know what the deal is with my squash... it grew one than died. My tomatos, on the other hand, WONT TURN RED!!!!!!

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

And we have fun too...I'm hurting today after Zumba or it may have been from the laughs last night.