Friday, August 14, 2009

Freedom Friday 08.14.09

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So unless you're living under a rock you are aware that the hot topic these days is health care. It's a huge subject and we could talk for days about the details of the proposed plans. Let's not.

Here's the really important thing you need to know whether we're discussing health care, cap and trade, auto bailouts, or bank bailouts:

It's time to make a choice.

The time for sitting on the fence is past. It is your right and your responsibility to educate yourself, pay attention to what is going on in our Republic and make a choice. Which side are you on? And I don't mean Democrat v. Republican or conservative v. progressive. I mean, do you believe in the unalienable rights given to us by our Creator and the liberty to exercise those rights as preserved by our Constitution or do you believe in a big government, nanny-state that controls every aspect of your life? Do you believe that the future is best left in the hands of men and women who are free to exercise their God-given talents and ingenuity or do you believe that government is the solution?

You need to know what you believe. Do not take anyone's opinion as gospel, even mine. Educate yourself, question boldy and then stand firm and speak without fear. Exercise your First Amendment rights. Be polite and respectful, but do not be timid. The future of our Republic depends upon YOU. Will your children and grandchildren ask you someday what you were doing while the Constitution was being shredded? Will they ask you what you were paying attention to while America as we know it was on fire? Will they ask you what was more important to you than liberty?

One last thing that you need to do (and it's really the most important):

Get on your knees and pray for our Republic.

May you be encouraged, inspired, educated and bold.

And may God bless America.


Amber said...

Well, now I feel all convicted. Because I usually (okay...ALL the time) just depend on you to tell me how I'm supposed to feel about all matters of things political.
And now you are telling me to think for myself. URGH.

All kidding aside, your words ring true. Our nation is a sacred thing and to watch it begin to crumble around us is a very scary thing. It's easy for me to sit in my bubble and not think about it, and never turn my tv on FOX News, and ignore any mention of the current state of our government. But it is time to begin to decide which side of the coin we are going to side with...and then do something about it.

I've just about figured the whole health care thing out (I know...shocking), and continually pray that the Lord would have mercy on this country of ours.

I love you, Lis. You and all of your political thinky self.

Tiffani said...

I definitely rely on my Hubs to keep me informed and sometimes I get so scared (I'm such a fraidy cat) of some of the things he talks about that I want to close my ears!!


I don't. So, I'm really trying to listen and be ready to make a choice and stand up FOR those rights you spoke of...

Happy Friday!

Mich said...

It really is too easy to just sit by say "what happens, happens." I think sometimes we hear the political chatter and think what we say really doesn't matter. thanks for the reminder that it does.

Are you sure you don't want to go into politics...