Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wrapupapalooza 08.16.09

I would like to apologize in advance for this post. It will be cluttered with a chance of scattered randomness.

We just recently attended Wes' 20-year high school reunion.

We. are. so. old.

Here's Wes and a few friends at a pre-reunion get-together.

This is Wes with one of best friends, Justin.

These are my girls with Justin's mom, Betty Linda, who was gracious enough to allow us to stay at her beautiful home and who entertained my kids while we were at the reunion. There was some cruisin' at the Sonic involved, need I say more?

This is Ben, the BEST dog in the world. I had to include this picture because it amuses me. To paraphrase Doug from "Up", "I lick because I love you!"

One more pic. I don't know what to say about the why I look so goofy in this one.

In other news...

Farmer Caitlin is very pleased with her tomato harvest this year.

First fruits.

Apparently she is making a wish on this one.

School starts this week. Ugh.

This is the "School Drawer" where I try to corral all the paperwork. This is the cumulative effect from last year.


Ahhh! Let school begin!

We also attended a town hall meeting on health care...

but that needs a post all it's own!

In the meantime, may all your drawers be purged and your tomatoes be fruitful!


Tiffani said...

The tomatoes look beautiful...I didn't attend my 15 year reunion (last year) and not sure I'll do 20 either...gone are the days!

Y'all look super cute though!

Healthcare. Ugh.

Purged Drawers. Ahh.

Nina Diane said...

you think 20 yr reunion is old...we just attended my 35 yr reunion!! man....I DO feel old. you look great!

Carpoolqueen said...

My drawers aren't purged and I got ONE MEASLY tomato off the vine.


Caitlin said...

yes. They finally turned red! and the one behind it, is gonna get picked tomarrow.(I WAS NOT WISHING THE SUN WAS IN MY EYES!!!)

Amber said...

OMG...That Caitlin is your Caitlin. Now that is just funny.

First of all...I love the name Betty Linda. That is just a good Southern Belle name.

Second of all...I adore all Doug the Dog dogs.

Third of all...Hooray for maters.

Fourth of all...Hooray for purging.

Fifth of all...Booray for health care.

And lastly, that picture of the calculator in the bucket made me weepy...because there is no calculator usage in 4th grade math. Waaaaaah.