Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School House Rocked!

Happy first day of school!

Hayley is in 8th grade and Caitlin is in 4th grade. I think a good day was had by all. There was an unfortunate incident involving the wrong car rider line and Hayley's afraid of her Algebra teacher but we'll work through it.

Don't you love my attractive umbrella in the background of my keepsake photo that we'll pass down for generations? Someday Hayley's and Caitlin's grandchildren will be admiring their first day of school photos and will laugh at what will be the quaint, antique umbrella behind them. By then they may not even use umbrellas anymore. I'm sure global warming scientists will have figured out how to control the weather.

Also, it is crucial that you know that they did NOT color-coordinate their wardrobe. It was just a happy coincidence for my scrapbook.

At this point, you can consider the school house rocked.


And good night.


Kendra said...

Just turn the photo sepia toned and VOILA! Antique umbrella. But I am sure in the future they will give us all a pill to be impervious to the weather changes.

Caitlin said...

School was okay... Its kinda fun being at a new school! Cant wait until Second day of school.

Tiffani said...


Beautiful girls, Lisa! So happy they had a great first day!

Amber said...

You crack me up.

I don't know what else to say.

Love ya. And your girls. And your umbrella.

Jennifer said...

Glad your girls had a great first day!!

Hopefully next year you'll be hanging with the rest of us homeschoolers. I'm still working on a plan for ya!!

Love ya!

P.S. I am SO proud of you for being at the gym at 5:30 AM the last two mornings!! You rock!!