Monday, August 31, 2009

Future PETA Lawyer

Caitlin is taking her role as kitten-caregiver VERY seriously. Take these "contracts" that she asked Hayley and her friend Brittany to sign.

Contract #1:

"Do not hold the kittens unless you ask me!
If I say yes, you'll get to keep the kittens.
Then you will give them back when I want them.
If they are asleep, do not even bother to ask!
And if you're holding them and they fall asleep, put them up or give them to me.
Please sign here."

There are blank lines for their signatures which they signed "No" and "No, m'am."

Not one to be daunted, Caitlin tries again:

Contract #2:

"Don't keep the kittens over 5 minutes.
If you do, I'll tell dad that you're hogging the cats and they are MINE.
So if you agree, sign here

"If you disagree, tell me and we'll work it out."

No dice on that one either.

Contract #3:

"Do not even hold kittens.

Sign here."

Short, sweet and to the point. I like that.


Tiffani said...

oh this just makes me LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!

A girl who KNOWS what she wants!! Sign it on the dotted line!!

Kendra said...

I am totally cracking up!

Carpool Queen said...

How can you still hate cats after that???

The Bowden's said...

Too cute! Neeley would be the same way. :)

Amber said...

My favorite is, "...or I'll tell dad."

That's just good stuff right there.

Mama to Belle and Scooter said...

This is great Lisa!!

Caitlin said...

They hold them wrong!! They will hurt them if they hold them with their NECKS!! Dont you think? And I have resonsabilty for them! If they get hurt.... Guess whos fault.... MINE! thats why i dont like Hayleys friends!