Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where's that global warming Al Gore promised me?

Brrrr!!! It is so freakin' cold! I just took a shower to thaw out my extremities. It's supposed to be in the teens tonight. I KNOW! That's downright frigid.

Now I realize that you people up north think we're wusses down here for thinking the teens is unbearable. But consider the fact that a few days ago it was 70. And I was wearing flip flops.

Of course, you Yankees also think 90 is a heat wave. Don't talk to me about a heat wave until you can literally fry an egg on your driveway. Sissies.

On the bright side, I made myself some clown pants.

Let me explain.

I heart fleece pajama bottoms. But did you know it's almost impossible to buy them without the matching fleece top? I don't like the tops, just an old t-shirt for me, thanks. I had the bright idea that I would buy some fleece and make my own. Most of the fleece seems to have Hannah Montana on it but I finally found some orange fleece with cream paw prints that wasn't too bad. I have long legs so I usually have trouble with pants being to0 short after they've been washed a few times. So I was mostly concentrating on making sure they were long enough. Oh, they're long enough alright. And wide enough.

They are GINORMOUS!!

They fit Wes. He's not really excited about orange with paw prints. I don't think they are quite macho enough for him. I tried to convince him that they were Auburn Tiger pants. He didn't fall for it.

Well, I'm cold enough tonight that I'm wearing my clown pants. They are nice and toasty. And the plus side is I don't even have to wear socks...I can just tuck my feet into the extra-long pants legs.


Amber said...

Where are the pictures of the clown pants? C'mon now...

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Wow...Amber and I think too much alike!!!

They have some pink with brown polka dot fleece at walmart now. And some other that's really pretty!

I spend way too much time in the craft dept at Walmart

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

So funny. I'd wear them too if it was cold!

Funny thing is that we were warmer today than you guys were. But all that cold weather was here earlier in the week...with SNOW!

So, did you make blogging every day your goal for 2009...cause you are on a roll, baby!

Brad & Jill said...

OK...I want some of those clown pants. I can NEVER find pajama pants long enough. I thought I found some a few weeks ago...for the first few days, they were awesome. Then I washed and dried them and now they're two inches above my ankles. I know that I could hang dry them, but c'mon, they're pajama pants! If you will make me some, I will pay you for them...I don't even care if they have Hannah Montana on them!
--Your uncrafty sister-in-law, Jill