Friday, January 2, 2009

Crafty Goodness

I've been crafty today. I can't wait to show you!

I started with these supplies:

Do you see my new BFF, Gorilla Glue?! Seriously, that stuff is amazing!

The Rust-oleum Metallic spray was supposed to dry into a hammered copper finish. It IS copper but not hammered. I think the humidity or temp was wrong or maybe I applied too much or not enough. Whatever. It's still pretty!

I had my sweet hubby cut out the molding to frame my sheet metal and then I spray painted everything.

While I waited for everything to dry, I gathered these supplies:

and made these:

I opted not to use the gold paint pen. It just didn't pop like I wanted. I used a simple black Sharpie instead. Yea for Sharpies!! I actually free-handed the letters. I'm no Shannan but I'm kinda proud of them.

I sealed the board with matte acrylic sealer. I also learned that matte acrylic sealer doesn't like Sharpies so I didn't seal the magnets. Then it was time for the real fun...the decorating! I just used some scrapbooking supplies I had on hand and robbed a flower from one of my fall arrangements. And of course I used my trusty friend, the hot glue gun, that I've had since college. Ah, hot glue gun, please don't be jealous of my new love, Gorilla Glue.

What is it with me and adhesives?



Amber said...


So cute, Lisa. So cute. How do you hang it? Where are you going to hang it?

Mich said...

Cute idea!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love it, Lisa! You inspire me!

Your letters look GREAT. I'm no Shannan either, but I've gotta tell you (should probably tell her too) that I love getting her Christmas card in the mail. I studied the beautiful handwriting on the envelope for a good 15 minutes, then set it in front of me and tried to duplicate it. She's amazing, huh?

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Very cute!

Gretchen said...

Here via Mer's blog.

WOW! I would never have had that idea. So darling.