Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Report cards came home yesterday. Caitlin wanted to look at it first so she pulled it out on the way home and I heard a gasp from the back seat. "Mom, I got a B in Social Studies!"

"A B is still a pretty good grade." I replied calmly.

"I've never had a B before!" Caitlin shrieked.

"Now I won't get all A's for the year!" she wailed.

And cried all. the. way. home.

Oh the drama.

When we got home she refused to get out of the car and sat in there having a pity party for a while. I quietly went about my business unloading the groceries.

She came inside and went straight to her room and slammed the door.

Have I mentioned that she's a little bit of an over-achiever?

Eventually she marched into the kitchen where I was peacefully preparing dinner and declared "I am NOT going to be a teacher now!"

Hmmm...how to respond? "Why not, dear?"

Angry glare.

"Just because you got one B?"

Angrier glare followed by the following statement: "Now I'll just have to be a veterinarian!"

Allrighty, then.


Amber said...

Parenting wouldn't be as fun without a little drama!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Your drama makes for some good laughs. I'm sure you'd say the same about the goings on in our house.


buscher3 said...

Oh wow...flashback of my own over-achieving days when I was in elementary school. Poor thing....

Big Pitt Stop said...

ok, that was amazing...that girl!