Thursday, January 8, 2009

Free to Any Home - Good or Not

I shared in a previous post that I was accepted as a book review blogger for Thomas Nelson Publishing. They send me free books, I read them and then blog about them and post reviews. Needless to say, I have been jazzed about getting my first book.

Good came today.

Bad Golden Retriever, Dazey, decided to "review" it first.

Wes found the packing slip in the yard or else we wouldn't have even known to look for it. Here's what we found first.

We proceeded to look all over the yard and even looked in her Dogloo...I like to read in bed, maybe she does too.

Here's what we finally found. It could have been worse.

Here's Dazey's review of the book:

"Needs salt and maybe a pinch of garlic powder."


Mich said...

I'm sorry but I did giggle. Glad she didn't like it that well. :)

I think Amber could probably sympathize with you on that one!

Amber said...

HA!!! So, I guess you got your book?!?!? :)

A couple of years ago we came home to my pictures (from Kelly's) all over the front yard....thanks to Ozzie! Oooohhh....I was so mad!

Glad your book isn't too messed up!