Saturday, December 13, 2008

O Chrismon Tree

Tonight we made Chrismon ornaments for our church Chrismon tree. I had planned to look up the story of the origin of the Chrismon and what the different symbols mean so I could patiently share it with the girls while their angelic voices sang along with Mercy Me's Christmas CD and we all sipped hot chocolate and created beautiful ornaments together. Sigh.

But as usual I waited until the last minute, made a mad dash to Wal-mart for supplies and we made ornaments while listening to the kids call each other "dumb head." And I had to tell them I have no idea what a fleur-de-lis has to do with Jesus.

Here are the results...we're kinda proud of these three...

And then there's this poor unfortunate fellow...

He's supposed to be a lamb but looks more like a rabbit. Was there a bunny in the Christmas story? There should have been.

Here's the aftermath:

The really sad part is that my kitchen didn't look much better than this before we started. And it's all still there.


Amber said...

Hee Hee!! Love your bunny.

Yours are so much prettier than mine! Oh, well...I'm going to hang mine in the back!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

They're beautiful, Lisa.

My family always made Chrismon ornaments for our tree at church when I was growing up. This post made me sentimental. :)