Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Design Dilemma

I need help. Our comforter is beyond repair what with doggie toenails digging into it and a series of unfortunate events involving my foot getting caught in a small hole in it while trying to exit the bed and falling down and ripping even bigger holes. I've finally gotten my decorating mojo back and I think I'm going to make a duvet. I found this fabric that I LOVE.

My walls are this color and I'd rather not repaint them. It's Sherwin Williams Sconce Gold and I love it.

I'm thinking I would only use the giraffe print in the center of the duvet with a border of something else. Therein lies the dilemma. I don't want to use solid cream because it will show dirt. I don't want to use solid chocolate because it just seems too dark. But what kind of print do I use with giant giraffe?! I would probably use the same mystery fabric for the bed skirt and I'd need a third coordinating fabric for my drapes. Also, what accent color should I use for pillows?

I think I need professional help...decorating or mental, take your pick.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm really no help...but I did laugh out loud at your unfortunate tripping incident.

Go walk around Calico Corner or Cynthia East and get ideas! Or what about another animal print? Check out what Kelly did in her nursery with zebra/giraffe prints. She had a picture of it in today's post.

Amber said...

Girl....I am of ZERO help in this department.

I did snicker a bit when I heard you had tripped! Only because I did the exact same thing the other day!!! Horrible, I tell ya, Horrible!