Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Modem Hates Me

If Hughesnet ever offers you a fancy, shmancy, faster "upgraded" replacement modem, RUN.

It is much slower and less reliable than the old modem, no matter what Bob in India says.

I think my Zumba instructor, Kristi, hates me too. She made us use weights tonight and as a result I cannot lift my arms and may need someone to cut me out of my shirt.

Indian Bob and Kristi may be in cahoots to drive me right over the edge of reason.

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Amber said...

Your Bob in India is my Farmville. The thorn in my side that steals my internet.

And Kristi? Yes. I'm requiring shirt-cuttage-outage, too.


Tiffani said...

Nothing. in the world. Nothing. makes me angrier than customer service reps from ding dang India. SERIOUSLY?!!

Hope you can move tomorrow after Zumba'ing!!