Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love, Love Will Keep Us Together

Now you will have that song stuck in your head.

You're welcome.

We celebrated Valentine's Day by taking the dogs for a run in the woods.

No, not that kind of run because, Hello? Have you met me?

We were riding the four-wheeler and said dogs were running whereupon they spied an armadillo. Maddie the German Shepherd managed to catch the armadillo, who I've named Reuban, by the tail and hilarity ensued. Dazey the Golden Retriever aka Big Chicken was briefly interested until Reuban jumped on her nose whereupon she decided to studiously examine a suspicious mud puddle until Maddie had Reuban safely under control.

Armadillos are amazingly sturdy, feisty creatures and Rueban was no exception. We called a truce, signed the Canine-Armadillo Treaty of 2010 and went on our merry way.

Upon returning home we immediately settled in for some more redneck fun...NASCAR.

No, I am not a fan. Again, Hello? Have you met me? I do not understand the fascination with watching cars go in a circle.

My sweet husband completed my Valentine's Day by gifting me with roses...

and a blueberry bush.

I do hope that the barren condition of my gifts is not symbolic of the state of our marriage.

Actually, he knows my practical nature and gifted me with florals that won't least until I forget to water them this summer.

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day too!


Tiffani said...

girl, I love the Captain and Tennille! Had that very 45 and would jam OUT when I was growing up!!

My computer wouldn't show up your pics :( but I'm sure your florals were beautiful.

Glad you had a fun (and rednecky ;) Valentine's!

Mich said...

I couldn't see your pictures...

Thanks for the song!

Happy Heart Day!

Amber said...

I could see the pictures! ;)

And the flowers are gorgeous.

I got fleecy jammie pants with cupcakes on them. And a trip to Walmart to buy groceries.

We have us some great men, Lis.

Mich said...

I had to come back to see the pics... :)

Kendra said...

How romantic. Thorny sticks in dirt. What a hubs you've got there.

Cathy said...

Best kind of gifts! My frugal self almost gets mad when my husband brings home flowers (the dying kind) cause I think of all the OTHER things I could have bought with that money!