Monday, January 18, 2010

A Post in Which I Borrow Material From a Friend's Blog

I got this from Mer's blog and thought it seemed like fun. She called it a Random Dozen.  I like that.  It makes me think of cupcakes in all different flavors with various sprinkles.

1. When was the last time you craved a food--what was it, and did you crave?
I guess it was the night I dreamed that I had a big box Cheese Nips.  And then i woke up and obsessed all day about whether or not to go get some Cheese Nips.  Of course, I did.  Well, I sent Wes to pick them up....along with Little Debbie Zebra Cakes.

2. M & M's or Skittles?
M & M's   hands down, no contest here/

3. Have you ever read the Bible completely through?
Yep, when I was in about the 5th grade.  Our pastor's sermons were so incredibly dull and over my head I used that time to get in a few chapters.

4. How long does it take you to really wake up in the morning?
Two snoozes of the alarm, a cup of coffee while watching Fox & Friends while eating my oatmeal.  Then about 15-20 stretching.

5. Have you ever been on a cruise? If not, would you like to?
I have not been on a cruise.  I'm not crazy about the idea.  I don't like water and I hear the rooms are very small.  
6. Who is your favorite actress?
Amy Adams, I guess. And all the girls in "Glee"
7. ______ is something that I will just never understand.
Islamofascism and progressivism

8. How much of a technology junkie are you?
I am so in love with Dixie, my iPhone.  She is my constant companion.  And I love my laptop.  Does that make me a junkie?
9. Do you enjoy selecting greeting cards for people, or is it more of a cultural "have to" for you?
I don't give greetings card for people because I think they're stupid.

10. When was the last time you got a new style/haircut?
I am giddy because I'm getting a new cut and color in the morning at 9:30!!!!

11. What do you enjoy shopping for most?
I love to shop for crafty stuff and home decor stuff.  

12. What's the last thing you think of before you leave the house?
Where am I going?  Am I supposed to take someone with me?  If so, where are they?  Do I have my Starbucks Travel mug filled and ready to go?  Is Tess barricaded in the laundry room with a roasted pig ear to keep her busy? Where's my purse?  Are my keys in it?  Where's DIXIE?!?!?  Oh, she's in my purse.  Let's go.


Tiffani said...

I loved this on Mer's and yours made me bust out laughing and say "hmmm" several times!

I always love learning something new about someone so this was perfect!

M&M's all the way here too!

Carpool Queen said...

WHERE'S MY PHONE?!?!?! is always the last thing on my checklist as well. I may not be a technology junkie, but I am addicted.

Amber said...

I KNEW EVERY ONE OF THESE ANSWERS!!! Except the greeting card one. Really? No greeting cards?

See how well I know you?!?

I heart you, Lis. For so many reasons.