Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fun With Geography

My 14 year-old daughter was telling me the other day about a commercial that she's supposed to make for her Career Orientation class.

Hayley:  Hey, Mom, our commercial is going to be really funny.  I play a girl with a Cajun accent.

Me:  Cajun?  Really?  I had no idea you even knew what a Cajun sounds like.

Hayley:  (begins demonstrating her "accent" which sounded a lot less Paul Prudhomme and a bit more Snookie from Jersey Shores .)  

Me:  Oh, you mean New Jersey.  That's not Cajun.

Hayley:  But I thought Cajuns lived in that other New place...

Me: Orleans?

Hayley: Yeah, New Orleans.  Whatever, it's close.

Me:  No, not close at all .  So you're doing the New Jersey accent instead? 

Hayley:  No, I'm doing the Cajun one.

Me:  No, you're not.  You're doing a New Jersey accent.

Hayley:  But don't Cajuns live in New Jersey?

She soooo needs to be homeschooled.


Kendra said...

I see our public schools have done a whiz-bang job on your daughter! Or she needs some serious edumacation about the real life from her mama! I suggest a trip down to New Orleans and really let her get a feel for it! Or she can watch Season 1 of "True Blood!"

Tiffani said...

oh dear. yes, a little clarification is due, eh?!

I think Cajun accents are super hard to imitate anyway..other than mumbling and running words together. OH you could sit her down in front of old Justin Wilson cooking shows!! That would help!

Amber said...

Oh, how I heart Hayley.

whimzie said...

New Jersey, New Orleans...they're practically twins.

I remember when we moved here I was convinced that everyone would be Cajun. But after a month of not meeting a single Cajun I started having serious doubts. Then one night we were at a restaurant and our waitress had an unusual accent that I was just certain was Cajun. So I asked. Turns out she was German. Which isn't Cajun. Or New Jerseyian.

whimzie said...

Tell her to add AhEEE! to the end of every sentence. That's a good start.

Carpool Queen said...

Take her to NO for a homeschool field trip. I have a list of eighteen restaurants to visit :)

Nina Diane said...

so sounded like a comedy routine....