Monday, April 19, 2010

More Fun With Words

Conversation with my 14 year-old daughter--

Hayley: Mom! I just saw a headline that says Taylor Lautner likes BOYS!!!

Me: What?! I thought he dated Taylor Swift?

Hayley: I guess he's bilingual.

Me: Si, amigo.

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Jennifer said...


That's great!!

I guess Taylor Lautner and his "bilingual" self can hang out with that "delinquent" dog Hayley was talking about the other day!!!

Carpool Queen said...


Guess I'll take Taylor L. off my list of posters I would hang on the wall if I were 12.

Kellie said...

So stinkin' funny!!!

I don't even know who Taylor Lautner is!

Amber said...

Oh, Hayley.

Is she homeschooled? ;)

Anonymous said...

Now that's funny!

Is it wrong to hope for more blonde moments that you can share with us?

sanjeet said...

That's great!!
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