Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Smarty Pants

More intelligent conversations around our house...

(Hayley, Caitlin and I are all in the kitchen and Hayley is reaching for a glass of water.)

Hayley:  My teacher said that drinking water makes you smarter.

Me:  He's full of crap.

(Yes, we use the word crap.  We also watch Spongebob and occasionally dance to Lady Gaga. Deal with it.)

Hayley:  Well, he said it makes your brain think faster or something.

Caitlin:  Faster isn't smarter-- you could be thinking dumb things.

(Later Caitlin and I are watching American Idol and a guy appears on stage blowing on a strange, ginormous pipe-like instrument that is painted in bright colors with aboriginal markings on it.)

Caitlin:  Hey!  That's a didgeridoo!

Me:  (thinking to myself) She's full of crap.

Randy Jackson: (to the singer) Hey, dawg!  That didgeridoo was hot!

(I look at Caitlin and she rolls her eyes as if to say, "What? You doubted me?!")


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

We say crap too. And we also say sucks. And I'm super worried about what else might come out of my children's mouths when John's parents come and stay with our kids next month.

Anyway, tell Caitlin she must have been drinking plenty of water to have know what a didgeridoo. Either that or your education tax dollars are really paying off. My guess is you're siding with the water.

Amber said...

"You may be thinking dumb things."


Carpool Queen said...

I say crap but outside the earshot of my children. That way three years from now when they say it, I'll let it go and they'll think I'm letting them swear.

Big Pitt Stop said...

Maybe Caitlin has been drinking water!

oh, and for the record, the word I had to type in to leave a comment was "queush"...where do they come up with these things?!?

Anonymous said...

Must have been drinking water to know what a didgeridoo is! That Meredith chick is funny. As are your kids.

I thought didgeridoo was a made-up word too when they first said it on AI.

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