Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Hope The Easter Bunny Forgives Me

Hey, you know what happens when you put eggs on to boil and then forget about them?

Yeah, I don't think we'll be coloring these eggs.  They don't smell very nice either.

Caitlin was devastated until I reassured her that the Easter Bunny would still come even if we didn't have dyed eggs.  And I thought she was so concerned about keeping family traditions.  I should have known.

Then she asked if we could still eat them.  Um...sure.  You go first.


Amber said...

But Ew. in the "This is why I love you" way.

Kendra said...

Really? You can burn eggs? Whodathunk!

Me, I UNDERcooked mine for the deviled eggs I made. I cracked one open, sliced it in half, and discovered I had just soft boiled a dozen eggs for my deviled eggs. One would think that it was easy to hard boil eggs!

Carpool Queen said...

This is the first year we didn't do an egg hunt (we went to Grammie's and she wasn't prepared and I didn't haul stuff). The kids, surprisingly, didn't care about the hunt. They were most concerned about having chocolate bunnies and a little basket. Since I had that part already covered, we were happy, and no eggs were harmed in the making of our Sunday.

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