Friday, May 7, 2010

Finally Friday

I am so happy that it's finally Friday! It's been a rough week but OH! it just got better!

Look what Jack the UPS guy brought for me:

It's like he read my mind!!!!

I ordered these from (Free Shipping! Free Returns!) and then they sent me an email saying that since I was such a GREAT customer they were upgrading me to faster shipping for FREE! And y'all, dadgummit if I didn't get these puppies in less than 48 hours!!!!

I heart, new kicks, UPS and Friday!!


Amber said...

You are also a really great friend who will let me borrow those zappy new kicks!

Tiffani said...

in DESPERATE need of new sandals here...I would gladly take those as my "Welcome to Arkansas" gift!! ;)

I can't find any that I like, for real. But, I'm not much of an internet shopper for clothes/shoes but now I'm thinking about checking out that website!

Almost time for GA to come AR!! Woot!

whimzie said...

I've wanted to try Zappos AND 6pm but I've never bought shoes without trying them on. I know you can return them, but the post office and I aren't good friends.

They sure are cute though. Makes me want to reconsider.

Carpool Queen said...

Seriously, don't you LOVE the wedges? They're so comfy and cute and dressy and casual all at the same time -