Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tales from the Deer Woods

My dad has requested a blog post about my children because it makes him feel lighthearted and apparently my last blog post was a real buzz-killer.  So I thought I'd regale you with a cute story involving my younger daughter, a gun and a couple of amused deer.

Last weekend was Youth Hunt here in AR which means that kids can hunt and kill pretty much any deer in any shape or form that they so desire.  My girls eagerly look forward to it every year.  We have a family place in the middle of nowhere where all the hunter-types in the family go to kill meat.  All the grandchildren in the family happen to be girls but that hasn't stopped their daddies from teaching them to do all things redneck.

My baby girl is the only cousin that hasn't killed a deer yet...well, except the baby, Faith.  She's just started walking so she's not packin' heat yet.  So, this weekend was a big deal.

Caitlin and her Pappaw spent the morning on the deer stand together and Wes was on a stand with Hayley not too far away.  He heard some gunshots and was so hopeful that Caitlin had finally gotten a deer.  Then the walkie-talkie squawked beside him and Caitlin said, "Dad, I just shot four times at some deer and missed!"

So they talk back and forth a bit and then she says, "And now I'm out of shells....and Dad, those deer are still standing there...and they're laughing at me!"

All I have to say is those deer better laugh while they can 'cuz their days are numbered.


Amber said...

"They're laughing at me."


Tiffani said...

sweet girl.

I'm so proud of her for doing shootin' period!

Next time, darlin'!

Carpool Queen said...

Love a girl who can hold her own. Helps scare off the men with weaker constitutions.