Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Out To Pasture

*****Guest Blogger ALERT!!*****

Well, well, well, hello Lisa’s bloggy friends. Wes, here, the other half of the “smart” friend. Would that make me smart too? Not so much, just lucky to have a CPA/political junkie/marathon reader/wonderful mother/Godly woman in my life.

The time of the year is coming for our girls and me to be sent out to pasture by Lisa. We do all things hunting and riding over the next few months at our family farm.

We leave Lisa alone at home with our 3 dogs and 2 cats feeling sorry for herself that her family has left her. She really misses us…really!!

We were able to ALL go to the farm a couple of weekends ago for a family reunion. We left out Saturday morning after the last soccer game of the year for Caitlin. With the four wheeler loaded and all bags packed we took the hour and a half trip to the farm. We arrived to find out the party had already started.

Meet my Aunt Bessie.

The view from the house is out of a picture book.

Not quite the mountains of the land of
Mer but not bad for Arkansas.

My family was the first of all my brothers' families to get there so I decided we would go on a family four wheeler ride and beaver dam demolition derby.

Here are Caitlin and Hayley on the four wheelers and no, they are not 16... shhhhh! We have very strict rules about those things. It's all very safe, really. So we made it down into the “bottoms” where our first stop was busting out several beaver dams.

The beavers are so cleaver, when they need to sharpen their teeth they do this.

Then they can get back to work and build another dam.

While I was hard at work, Lisa was doing this.

****Comment from Lisa: If I'm going to have to do this again, I demand cuter boots.****

She found one of the only places we get cell coverage on our farm, deep in the bottoms near the river. Leave it to Lisa. She has never met a cell tower she can’t find.

We were getting very hungry so we started to head back to the house, but Lisa couldn’t wait to eat. So being the manly man that I am, I provided the meat for the family, but who knew Lisa was this hungry. Look what she did to my deer!!!

Picked it clean didn’t she? Well she may have had a little help from the vultures in the area. Someone shot this deer from the road, I am guessing, at night. That’s how they roll in Yell County, USA. Enough of the gross stuff.

****Another comment from Lisa: Personally, I think that Boney Stoney, as the girls named him, didn't get the memo tha high-sodium diets are bad for your health.****

The family reunion was about to start.
As all family reunions there is a lot of this.

And this

That is my mom on the right and my Aunt Betty. My family loves to sit around and tell the same stories over and over again. I love it!

Here is my dad with Hayley and Caitlin relaxing on the couch getting read for another adventure chasing cows and visiting Uncle Paul, the Resident Uncle of Yell County.

Here is Lisa with the sister in laws, Maria and Jill. They have a great time together talking about how goofy and alike me and my brothers are.

Hayley loves to have pictures taken of herself. Here she is with my mom.

After the fun had been had at the dinner I took Lisa over to the other house where she got her redneck on. Just call her Sure Shot Lisa. I was impressed with her shooting skills.

After a good night's rest we got ready to head to Hayley’s soccer game in Bryant but we had time for one more picture with Uncle Paul and all the cousins.

So there you have it. Who wouldn’t want to go there every weekend with no TV, cell coverage or fast food within several miles? Oh, that’s right...Lisa wouldn’t. She is not a country girl. I am ok with that. I get to spend some quality time with my daughters and Lisa gets to spend some quality time with…herself!! We are all happy with that.

Thanks for letting me visit!



Amber said...

Dear Wes,

Buy Lisa cuter boots.


Dear Lisa,

I'm so proud of you for finding that cell signal. You rock farm life.

Wes said...

Dear Amber,

The only problem with getting her boots is that they may get dirty..wait, she never got out of the Rhino, never mind.

Tiffani said...

Well, Wes...I feel like I should already know ya..but I guess this makes it official!!!

Funny man, you are...I bet Lisa thinks so too, huh?! ;) She must've taught you well about blogging protocol since you took crazy pictures at the Farm!

Y'all come back now ya'hear?!

Kendra said...

Certainly cuter gear is in order. I know they make pink camo. And I totally knew Lisa wasn't redneck at all. How she puts up with you I'll never know!

I love weekends to myself, frankly. I am my favorite company. Lucky Lisa!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

How fun! Love it Wes, and just so you know, I think Arkansas is beautiful. It's a different kind of beauty though. Part of my heart will always be in Arkansas...

Love the family pics. I don't know that in all the time we lived in AR I ever met your parents! That's odd because I remember Lisa's mom and dad well.

Have a great week.

Sarah said...

Great job, Wes! Perhaps you need your own blog?

Sarah said...

Great job, Wes! Perhaps you need your own blog?