Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Shameful Confession

Since you really seem to love it when I humiliate myself on the World Wide Web, I thought I'd toss you this hunk o' red meat. Let the feeding frenzy begin...

I actually slept in the guest room the other night because the clutter in the master bedroom made me too nervous to sleep. THIS is what the corner of my bedroom looks like:

Let's see what we have here:

1. See the square bamboo basket with the cream fabric liner? It's part of a set of 3 that I bought A YEAR AGO to organize my laundry room cabinets. It is currently holding some of my dog collar inventory and some books I'm reading.

2. See the two woven baskets? I bought those a while back to organize my paperwork. They are both full of papers that need to be filed, magazines I need to read, catalogs I plan to look at someday, our new health plan info that I plan to study one of these days, probably a few bills that need to be paid and a myriad of other REALLY IMPORTANT stuff that I haven't found the time to pay any attention to.

3. Yes, that is a bag of Ghiradelli chocolate. Very good for relieving clutter-induced stress.

4. That flat priority mailing box contains the fabric I ordered a while back to make new bedding and window treatments. Obviously that project is coming along nicely!

5. See the big oval basket on the floor? It's full of blank cds, picture cds, cd cases, usb cables, power cords, etc. And a 3-hole puncher. You know, for all that filing that I do.

6. See my favorite Skechers tennis shoes? I heart those.

So, don't you all feel better about yourselves now? You're welcome!

In other news, we had Hayley's 13th Birthday party on Friday night. We had about 13 teenage girls and one lone boy running amok for four hours. At one point, it got eerily quiet so I decided I'd better go see what was going on. I tiptoed upstairs and peeked in the playroom, which was entirely dark, and they were all sitting in a circle on the floor with Casting Crowns' "Praise You In This Storm" playing in the background. So I queried, "What are y'all doing?" and there were a few nervous giggles and then a tentative little voice said, almost apologetically, "We're praising the Lord?"

Well, then. Carry on.

Also, that night the dog slept with Hayley and peed on her pillow...while her head was on it. HA! HA! HA! I thought it was pretty funny until I remembered that I'm the one who has to wash all the bedding. Bummer.

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Amber said...

You don't know how giddy this makes me...just to know that other people own clutter makes my heart smile.

Did Wes sleep in the guest bedroom, too?!??!