Monday, July 19, 2010

Start Where You Are

I'm going to just jump right back in to this here blog like I've never been gone.

 My wise friend, Krista, once advised me when I was overwhelmed at how behind I was in scrapbooking that I just have to dive in and start where I am and keep it going forward.  I can always go back and catch up the other stuff as time allows.  I have spent hours to day trying to organize all the pictures on my laptop.  I am not nearly done.  And once I 'm done, I still have to blog about them.   So in the words of my wise friend I will start now.  I may get the heebie jeebies from working out of chronological order.  If you find me curled up in the corner slowly rocking back and forth and muttering Dates! Dates! The dates are wrong! please ignore me.
This product is NOT the be all to end all adhesive.  You may recall I tried to hang my window treatments with velcro.  Over time, the treatments keep shedding section by section until the entire thing is in the floor.  And they stayed that way for months.  And then along came UGlu.  It promised it would change my life. I believed you, UGlu.

Somewhere Billy Mays is rolling over in his grave.
He would have never pitched this UGlu product.

They looked lovely when I first put them up.  I even UGlued my super-size wooden spoon and fork over the main window.  It was FAB and of course, I failed to take a picture.  The next morning...half of one window was dangling down.  Stuck it bank up and gave it a stern talking to.  Later in the day Wes saw it dangling and stuck it back up firmly.  Then by that evening I found most of the window treatments just hanging by a thread.  And the supe-size fork...had met a bitter end in 1,000 pieces on my kitchen floor.

So, don't believe everything you see on TV even if it is Billy Mays' friend Andrew Sullivan that wants you  to buy it.  Run away.  Run fast.


Kendra said...

Glad I am not the only uptight person around here.

But what was the THIS that was first? Writing the post? I'm curious! It's like you left me hanging!

Carpool Queen said...

RIP, Billy Mays. And your wooden spoon.

Amber said...

God bless your window treatments. They're so pretty, too.
Maybe your smart friend can invent something using gypsum to get'em to stick. ;)

Amanda said...

You don't know me. I'm lurking from The Sullivan Four.

I am SO glad you're back. Your witty, slice with a knife speech cracks me up. Sometimes, your words could actually be mine.

Are you still planning on homeschooling? I would love to read posts about how it progresses.