Friday, July 30, 2010

Smarter Than A Ninth Grader Part 2

Some of you have expressed an interest in my homeschooling progress, and by "some of you" I mean "one of you." (Shout out to my new favorite lurker, Amanda, who did not leave her email address or else I would have sent a happy little note thanking her for her kind comment.  Although I must say Amanda is quite right to be cautious about giving out her email address willy-nilly.  There are a lot of kooks around here out there!)

So without further ado, I will tell you what I have accomplished thus far in my homeschooling venture.  I will also tell you in list form because that makes me feel organized.

1.  First, I researched the homeschool laws in my state.  They're pretty flexible as far as required courses, number of credits, etc.  There is some standardized testing that will have to be done but that's no biggie.  Basically, all I have to do right now is turn in the proper forms (which were helpfully emailed to me by my bestie, Amber) by August 15th.  Then we're official.

2.  I went to the local school district website and downloaded their graduation policy for an advanced diploma.  We'll follow pretty closely so that IF we want to return to public school we'll be on track but we won't be using any of their curriculum.  I also downloaded their course catalog so I can make sure that our classes cover the same basic material as theirs does just in case.

3.  I found a GREAT website with every kind of printable form you could ever want to use for homeschooling and all kinds of great resources.  I even found a schedule for our science curriculum that someone else had prepared and posted.

4.  I prepared a course of study using the info I gathered in #2 to be sure that we'd end up with the right courses and number of credits.

5.  Then I wrote a four year plan which divided up the required courses into the proper sequence and year.

6.  Now the fun part--shopping for curriculum!  Here's a list of what we'll be studying this year (and I do mean we as I'm going to have to re-learn this stuff too!)
So that's it in a nutshell.  Now my task is to plan a schedule for the year and make lesson plans. We're right on track to begin mid-August.  Yippee!


Amber said...

You're rockin' it!!! Hmmm....wonder if I should order my curriculum? It being a couple of weeks 'till school starts and all.
Aah...I'll just live in your fab world of readiness for a little longer!

Carpool Queen said...

Love your tidy little list. I'm in a little bit of awe that you're teaching advanced mathematics since I'm struggling with 5th grade word problems.

Amanda said...

Haha!! I made it into someone else's blog awesome.

My only child is just seven and a half months old, so I really can't offer much advice regarding homeschooling. I will say I think it's wonderful that you and your husband feel led to parent your oldest this way. You are your child's greatest influence and now is the time to make the difference she needs. I'm saying all of this as a former public school educator...children and parents keep getting more scary as the years go by.

For myself, I've found tons of awesome homeschooling blogs for toddlers and lower elementary. It's never too early to begin planning!

One site you may be interested in is They offer map sets, time travelers history based activity guides, etc. It's pretty cool.

I've also added my email to my profile.

Best wishes in your homeschooling endeavor. Keep us all updated.