Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It IS My First Rodeo

My hubby has a gift for gab.

It paid off BIG TIME this past week when he ran into Trace Adkins' brother and got free tickets and Meet 'n Greet passes to Trace's and Toby Keith's concert in Southaven, MS.

Here's Wes asking Santa and his elf for instructions about where to go for the Meet & Greet.

Betcha always wondered what they do during the off season.

The elf, who later would become known to us as the infamous John Underwood, proceeded to stalk us. You see, he desperately wanted Meet & Greet passes. And he wanted Wes to ask Trace to let him in. He claimed that he went to high school with Trace and that Trace's mom had given him passes that security refused to honor. It all sounded fairly reasonable until he told us that Carrie Underwood is his niece.

M'kay...run along, weird little man.

We evaded John Underwood and went to find our seats...

...which were AWESOME! Thanks, Trace's brother.

Then we got to go meet Trace. Although we only spent 22.6798 seconds with him, we feel like we really made a lasting connection with him.

And Wes has his manager's cell phone number.

John Underwood may not be the only stalker in this story.

Oh, I kid.


Have I mentioned I'm not really a fan of country music?

Then I saw these guys..

...and I'm converted.

Oh, and also too, I was already a fan of Trace and Toby's politics. They've been on Glenn Beck's show. I met someone who has met Glenn...squeal! (cue angelic harp music)

A good time was had by all.

And the husbands were very tolerant of Amber's and my drooling over Trace and Toby and in general acting like giddy 13 year-old girls.

The besties, encouraged by my willing foray into the country music scene, then dragged me to the rodeo at the county fair.

I'm sorry to tell you that I do not have any photos of said rodeo.

You'll just have to take my word for it that I was there.

And I had fun.

And Danny patiently answered my goofy rodeo-related questions:

"Why are the horses so angry that they buck? Do they pinch them?"

"Why are the cows wearing those funny helmets?

And Caitlin refused to participate in the Mutton-Bustin'.

And thinks rodeos are cruel.

My cute little animal rights' activist.

Danny and JFo were so impressed with my rodeo-ness that they invited us to complete our redneck adventure by going to the Demolition Derby.

I. have. never. seen. such.

It was loud.

It was smoky.

It was riddled with mullets and wife-beater shirts and other fashion faux pas.

It was redneck.

It was great!

And thus my redneck education is complete.

Except for car racing in the dirt or something like that.

Because NASCAR is just too uppity.


Kendra said...

Who are you, and what have you done with my classy friend? I've never been to a rodeo or a demolition derby. And I don't plan on remedying that any time soon. But I am glad you got to meet some politically like-minded country stars. If Wes ever plays golf with Christian Bale's brother, let me know.

Carpool Queen said...

I would have totally gone with you to all of these events. And yee-hawed and all that.

I don't know about the hat, though.

I've never been able to pull it off.

You and Amb, though? Mah-ve-lous.

Tiffani said...

you are so funny!!

girl, I'd'a been redneckin' like crazy w/ y'all..

glad you had a blast!!

Becky said...

Where did Wes run into Trace's brother? This story is too funny for us. We actually did go to the same high school as Trace and know his momma. She teaches at the high school and Justin went to church w/them.

Drooling over Trace and Toby....sorry but I just don't see it. Can't get past Trace's hair and Toby's ego...and yes I have seen one of them up close. However I do like their music. Most of it anyway!

Amber said...

Girl, that was one heck of a rednecky week. And I've never been so ding dang proud of you in my life.

And we totally have to do dirt track racing. Or cow-tipping. Or cow pie chunking. Or corn shucking.

And we need boots. Fo shiz.

Anonymous said...

"Run along, little weird man."

I don't know why but that made me snort a little.

I had so much fun reading this it was almost like I was there. Only I didn't get my picture with Trace or anyone who'd been on Glenn Beck's show for that matter.

Caitlin said...

You had 4 tickets... and u decide to take your FRIENDS! and let your kids suffer? Cruel mama! Speaking of witch, Have you ever seen that wierd, creepy, old guy kick, hit,slap,push, and grab the sheeps leg? I know that red neck guys do that but why to SHEEP? i have never saw a sheep in my life, and this is how i see them!!! Cruel!