Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun stuff

I got some fabric this week for making the doggie beds. You'll recognize two of the fabrics from the collars and Tess' bed but the one on the far left is new. I just LOVE it!

They are from left to right: Disco Dot-Sherbert, Santa Dot and Lotus Paisley-Lime. I'm planning to make beds in two sizes: Small-24" x 24" and Large-35" by 35". The insert is made with a really sturdy off-white ticking and stuffed with 20 oz polyfill (small) or 40 oz. polyfill (large.) You could also buy additional decorative slip covers. Think seasonal! I can do custom sizes but you wouldn't be able to use my stock slipcovers. I made a large insert today and it's really nice...I would use this size for my Golden Retriever and German Shepherd. The really fun part was trying to stuff it with Tess trying to lay on it! I finally convinced her that I meant business so she resorted to snatching tufts of polyfill and running away. She thought it was a really fun game! If you're interested in buying a bed leave me a comment and let me know which size and what fabric you're interested in and I'll let you know about pricing. If you don't see a fabric you like, keep checking back because I'll be getting in more fabric periodically.

I went shopping today. Momma needed some retail therapy! I found the cutest little jingle bells!

So about now you're asking yourself, "What in the world is she going to do with teeny tiny jingle bells?" You'll just have to wait and see!

I also had a Pier 1 gift card that I've been saving because my favorite thing to buy from Pier 1 is their Christmas stuff. Look what I got!!!

I spent 30 minutes in the store mixing and matching and rearranging Christmas balls. Fun stuff!


Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

love the fabric....hold on to scraps of the christmas dots...i'll take them off your hands if you don't need them. I'm going to try and make scarves out of yule tree, the pink and red and that.

Amber said...

FUN!!!! I love it!

And your Pier 1 cute!