Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Train Wrecks and Decision

First, did you see American Idol tonight?

I am so embarrassed for Ke$ha.  Hello, Sitting Bull called and wants his headdress back.  She should definitely stick to the studio.  Live performances are NOT her friend.  It was an absolute train wreck.  And yet I couldn't NOT watch it.

I am happy to tell you that I think one of my hamsters has finally been put to rest.

PETA, if you are reading this I don't literally mean "hamster".  No animals were harmed in the blogging of this post.

I think we've made our decision regarding homeschooling.  It's a GO!  It's amazing what a huge burden has been lifted just knowing that we have a plan.  And events this past weekend about which I am being purposely vague served as confirmation that we've made a good decision.  I am now excitedly researching ninth grade curriculum and thinking about lesson plans.  I. AM. SO. GIDDY.

Anybody out there have any suggestions on high school curriculum?  I don't want to spend a lot so I've already ixnayed pretty much any of the DVD curricula.  A Beka Grammar & Composition comes highly recommended by my bestie.  And I have to tell you that grammar and literature are my FAVORITE subjects so I am psyched about finding Literature curriculum that I love.  And, yes, I love grammar.  I love diagramming sentences.  I am a loser.  I was an English major for a while and almost had enough hours for a degree in English before I switched to Accounting.  I knew I didn't want to teach so I really didn't know what I would do with an English degree.  Now accounting--that one is obvious.  You do accounting.  End of story.  Have I mentioned that I am also practical?  My accounting degree has served me well, lo these many years, and now my almost-English degree will too!

Oh, and I really need to talk to you about this health care debacle that is taking place this week.  More on that later...unless I'm busy building a bunker and stocking it with canned goods.


Lindsay said...

Glad to hear the Lord has given you peace about your decision, Lisa. No suggestions but am almost sure you're aware of the home school coop in town that no doubt has excellent resources.

Tiffani said...


I've been praying for you! I will send you an email with some I know you can go ahead and google is "Cathy Duffy's Top 100 Homeschool Picks". She gives a LOT of great suggestions and I'm going to a curriculum night this Friday and I'll ask some Moms there too.

Ke$ha? Heavens.

Carpool Queen said...

I love when decision time has past and it's ONWARD and UPWARD.

Alison said...

Good. I'm glad you're both settled on that decision. What does this mean for you and work??

Kendra said...

Will you be using Glenn Beck to teach her about American History and the constitution? Just a thought.

Good luck with it all. I know it was a hard decision to make, and hopefully mother and daughter will get along well (you never know!) and will have a wonderful bonding time together as you learn from each other!

Jennifer said...

I am so excited for you!! I know what it feels like to have the burden of "to do" or "not to do", and the relief when that decision is made!!

You will be great, and the added bonus that Hayley WANTS to do this makes it even better!!

Praying for you guys!! Love ya'll muchly!!

sarah said...

I love A Beka....that's cirriculum I grew up with. It's sound.....congrats on the plan!

Amber said...

Wahoo for our newest addition to the denim jumper brigade.

I have your hair net clippy waiting.